Monday, 1 October 2012

A quick mingle.

So this is the new chapter, I have met the gal that accidentally hit me yesterday. From the moment we met, she always strikes into my mind every time when I think of the incident back then. I knew it was only a coincidence. A coincidence which made me to always bring her into the dream of my night. What is this? I don't understand. Oh god please tell me why she's the only (except for my mother) girl that had kidnapped my heart for a day. I still remember that Jeremy told me, "Hey the girl is likely to be seen in our college dude." I wish I could be her friend, I desired.

And again, I felt lazy to get up for classes ahead today, or maybe every single day. In fact, sometimes I feel like going out from the college but since my parents wanted to send me abroad for further studies, I obeyed what they hoped. It was April, the so-called season of summer came by. I took a walk to 7eleven in Taylors' University College and cheerfully bought a packet of chewing gum to be chewed in the class. Yes this is my hobby, even though Miss Sabrina had rebuked me from the first time she detected my routine. Jeremy was not in the class. The absence of him made me like a stranger in the college. I decided to be 'independent' for a day.

Right after the English class finished, I went out for a quick lunch with a few buddies from my class. I was the most silent creature at the moment. I was about to sit and the girl hit me yesterday passed me by, I was mesmerized by her beauty. "Why didn't she notice me here" , I whispered. Then I tried to approach her. Without thinking too much, I left my buddies for a while to approach the girl. The girl subjected me when she turned her head. I felt very nervous.... but I kept confronting her. I did not know, but I guessed she waited for me there. I came closer and started to mingle with her. "Umm, Hi". I said, with the heart pounded so hard. "I am Ken, Kenneth". She first smiled delightfully, her eyes were so charming. "Alish.."

..To be continued

Friday, 28 September 2012

It's about how we met.

This is the story between us. It all began when you took the first step to talk to me all the way, although it went on through only social place. I was amazed, and as well was captivated by your spontaneous attitude. Speechless was the only word that could describe me at the moment.

Let me begin with this ;

     It was overly dark till I couldn't even differentiate the size of my tiny pencil and my pen. I realised the electric current went off for I did not know the actual reason. As far as I could remember, I was rubbing my eyes slowly and then, I lazily got up and sauntered the bathroom with my phone just to have the little source of light. The steps to the bathroom were stopped because I heard Mom called my name and I went straight away to her. Mom asked me for a favour. She needed me to turn on the main switch of the 'electric box'. So I knew the reason why the electric current went off then I got back to my room and slept comfortably

     'I AM LATE!" I screamed to myself since I was late to attend my class and I rushed everything. I sadly whispered to myself, 'Mom why didn't you wake me up today?' but then I realised she had to leave me earlier because her boss needed her at the time. What a forgetful self, I bemoaned. I arranged all the books very quickly into my bag and made fast moves to wait for a bus. I took a quick glance to my watch and it was 8.30 am. "Phew I thought it was 9.30am'. I whispered again. A bus dropped by and luckily, there were not so many strangers in the bus.

     I arrived safely in my college sharp at 9.00 am. I was about to take an instant breakfast but with all of a sudden, my best buddy came by. "Dude, you look rather exhausted? Did you chase a dog?" Jeremy asked me. I knew he was only kidding and I shrugged and smiled a little. We walked to the class together around Taylors' University College. This is the most boring class ever till now, I hate economic. But as compared to Jeremy, he adores this subject very much. All the classes went smoothly and right after the last class ended, I asked Jeremy to keep me company to a mall. I wanted to buy something since yesterday.

     So it all happened here, in the mall where we met, where our eyes stared without blinking for even a second. Whenever Jeremy and I arrived at the mall, he needed badly to go to the toilet so I nodded my head, showing the sign that he could go. I did not like waiting so I took an errand in the mall. I went to Baskin Robin, wished to buy a scoop of it but on my second thought, I wanted Tutti Frutti and I slowly walked away from Baskin Robin. "DANGGG" someone hit me and she was a gal. All her books scattered on floor. I did not think much, I helped her directly after she hit me. Our hands accidentally touched when I tried to keep the books arranged. Our eyes stared at each other. The heart was beating so fast. I withdrew myself and asked for her apology for what had happened and she smiled then nodded. "That's fine" said her. She left me there and Jeremy came to me. "Dude, where were you?!" As always, Jeremy never stops making me laugh. Jeremyy saw the scene and he told me the girl is from our college. That was the moment, where I met her. be continued

This is not the full story :) I'll update more later on. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I don't live to impress the world.

I begin with HAHAHAHA. HI THERE PEOPLE! I feel like ignoring my baby blog for years! Like I had mentioned earlier, I would be as busy as a running machine. I am a matriculation student so I think it is reasonable to make an excuse. Hehe. Well, pardon my action :) I've been very busy and I didn't even have time to sign into my blog recently. So why I am here in the blog? Haha that's just simply because this is my superb holiday :D Err guys, we're still in the month of fasting so can I say, "Happy Ramadan to all muslims >.<" And maybe this is too early to tell, "Selamat hari Raya :D"

I don't live to impress the world. I couldn't remember where I found the quote above, or my topic. But as long as I have the idea to create a new post, I would start with a phrase.. (Did I do this before?) So there's nothing to do with the topic, I must stress that hehe. Here I am to create a story of myself in Matriculation. Many many many of you have known that I am currently studying in Matriculation which I would be there for only a year. Honestly, It is never a year. I am in the course of Computer Science which I think the best course of all. I think. So what do I study in the particular course? I have 4 compulsory subjects, Biology(the main subject) , Chemistry(All science courses have this -_-), Mathematics(ALL COURSES HAVE THIS AS WELL) and Computer science in which I can admit that I'm in love with it. Hehe. Apart from that, I am a leader of my class or the monitor of my class. Hehhh. I never thought of being one but hey, there are three guys in my K2P4. What is K2P4? K2P4 is my class :D . 

I have lived in Matriculation for about two months and something (Whatever the numbers are..) I used to get up all by myself since my parents stay very far away from me. Oh I still could hardly believe that I have guts to live alone or maybe independent >.< hahah! This is my first time being a hosteler. Hmmm, I guess I don't need to describe a whole :) This is just for the readers, I would like to apologise again :D hehe Byeeee :)

Classmates :D

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bila mereka memberi pendapat ;)

Tajuk hari ni, aku nak update dalam Bahasa Ibunda ;) Hehe. Tajuk hari ni jugak, khas aku update daripada pendapat member sendiri tentang perbuatan apa yang kacak untuk lelaki dan perbuatan apa yang comel untuk perempuan ;) Sebelum tu, dorang berdua ni bagi aku cadangan topik ni "Iwan kachak" and "Syasya Comel" hahaha! Jangan marah ;)

Syasya comel kata ;

Perempuan yang memasak tu comel ;) Yee memang comel pun sebab zaman sekarang ni kan, berapa ramai agaknya perempuan pandai masak ye? Masak air tu tak dikira -,-

Comel kan dia nak masak ni? ;)

Syasya Comel kata lagi ;

Perempuan yang sayang haiwan ni comel. Comel ke? Eh :P haha. Ye memang comel. Perempuan kan terkenal dengan sifat penyayang dorang so saya setuju dengan pendapat tu :)

Comel nya. Kucing tu je ;P

Tu kata syasya, ni kata Iwan pulak ;)

Iwan Kachak kata ;

Lelaki yang menjadi hero untuk wanita itu kachak! Hahah pada aku lah, jadi hero untuk apa eh? Hahaha tp untuk menyelamatkan wanita, memang la lelaki kena bantu kan. Takkan lelaki nak tengok je -,- haha

handsome ke Superman tu? Ada rupa Iwan tak? ;D hahaha.

Iwan Kachak sambung lagi ;

Lelaki yang bersukan tu memang terserlah kekacakannya. Oh yang ni memang aku sangat setuju. Kebanyakan lelaki kalau bersukan memang nampak kehenseman dorang dari luar dan dalam ;D Perempuan bersukan pun handsome jugak ;P haha.

Aaaa kejap, nak tanya balik, handsome tak lelaki bersukan? -,- HAHAHA! XD

Iwan kachak cakap lagi -,- ;

Lelaki yang mempunyai badan cantik, nampak handsome? badan yang cantik macam mana tu eh? ;P Hehe. Tapi, dasarnya memang lelaki kalau nampak tegap, akan nampak macho ;) Semua pun boleh terpikat baqq hang ;D

Ohh dia pinjam badan aku ni -,- hahah Jealous sebenarnya haha xD

Okay itu lah dia apa yang member aku kata ;) Disebabkan kekurangan idea, aku pun letak sekali gambar sebagai pencuci mata hehe :P So terima kasih ye Eone dengan Syasya ;)

Ni Twitter mereka.

Iwan Kachak - @eoneramlan
Syasya Comel - @syasyarusli

Tata ;)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rivalry of Survivor.

Here I come back in action just to persuade people, please forgive me for letting go my blog for a few days. Not a few. Too many. My May 2012 seems to be a little bit worse or the greatest term is "Stressful + busy" . I had no idea. I went to rush everything I did recently. Or let's just say I didn't get enough rest (This is mainly due to sleep extremely late at after midnight) My daydreaming holidays are losing to their final point soon :) Honestly, I am a so-called or in-making student of Matriculation in the last week of May. Yes, to make it short, I will be admitted to Matriculation in Penang to further my study and thereby just to make earlier preparations prior to the degree programme. Is that short? Ah whatever haha. I will be studying there for only A YEAR which would be a struggling or wriggling flash for me. Flash? Ok year is the best word. And my goal  is to be the best of the rest(If I could with ventures and efforts). There will be no more loafing around, unlimited tweeting, Hanging out, and loads of laziness. Ahhhh... How I wish I were a genius creature in this century of the  universe. Haha but hey, no matter how intelligent a person would be, EFFORTS are all we need. "A big brain does not count into your intelligence as it needs to be used properly" . Ever heard of that quote anywhere? No?  Haha I created it on my own :) . So are we talking about brain? Hahaha the point is, Will I survive in Matriculation? I've been experienced the first conscience that I thought, could be the strongest one I've felt. It said like "You have to further your studies in Matriculation". It sounded creepy but haha, who the heck cares? So this is all I can post today :) Thanks ;D
 Oh I won't be taking science anyway, will change it to account :)

Friday, 4 May 2012

To the world, I belong to them..

"When I'm telling the truth in public, do you expect me to lie? And do you think I'm lying for what I'm doing now?" ABC 123 let's get it started :) Assalamualaikum as our first beginning. It's May 4th and I'm here to say, a nice greeting to you May and so farewell April 2012. Wishing that May would bring me to luck, or the suitable word is, courtesy. The chance is always a chance. Never lose it. I repeat never lose a chance when it confronts you anywhere. To the world, I belong to them.. The title of my topic for the first entry in May. What is that supposed to be? What rambles in your mind? Here I'm telling you, to the world, I belong to my best friends after my family. Best friends are my second family as I considered. No matter how weird, how freaky and how odd they are, even I am weird and all myself, I love my best friends. I love the way they are. I love seeing their smiles. I love talking or even gossiping with them. This is all because I sacrifice half of my soul, or maybe half and a quarter for them. But still, I'm not a good friend :) But they accept my imperfections because imperfections make the perfection.

Let's just go on. Last Wednesday, which was on May 2nd, three of my best friends and I had a great hang out at One Utama in Damansara. To be honest, the hang out was awesome, totally made my day and not to be forgotten, it would be in my memory of heart :) I don't need to describe a whole lot about what happened on the day but I want to point that, I love my best friends and to them I belong.

Here some of the pictures.

"If I were the reason you smile, please let me stay being it. I know we're far apart but it does not mean we would forget about our best friendship. Oh dear Allah, I'm not a good friend, but please keep their heart and soul forever"

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Happy Birthday to you Best Friend :)

The last time I did post about my senior's birthday, didn't I? So here's specially made one post for my best buddy, Mohamad Nur Syafiq Bin Abd Rahim :) Here I am, wishing you Happy Birthday Brooo! Happy sweet 18 :P Hahha so now you and I are in the same group of age. It looks like I'm older than you but to me, you're always older than me :D Haha. Cherish your April 29th okay? And most importantly, cherish our bestfriendship :D . I'm always here for you. We'll be going out again soon! So our next meeting should be extra cool! We'll rock the place out! Just be sure not to miss every single meaningful moment on the day :D Knowing the truth that you badly want to be a teacher, I'll raise both of my hands up to pray for you. Sooner or later, You'll get what you've always wanted ok bro :D Happy birthday again ~!!
" Dear Beat friend, Y'know, I wish I'd always be there for you whenever you need me. I'm sorry I'm not a good friend, but please let me try to be perfect for you :)"

Happy birthday shafeeq :)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saenggil Chukka Hamnida :)

So here's to my 'bestest' Senior of all, Khairul Azlan Bin Abd Halim. Happy birthday brooo! Not only Happy Birthday but, HAPPY SWEET? HAHA ok Happy sweet 20 and May Allah bless whatever you do in your daily life okay? :) So let's sing together with me for my dearest senior!

Saenggil Chukka Hamnida!
Tanjoubi Omedeto!
Happy Birthday to you!
Selamat Ulang tahun!
Selamat hari jadi! 

So now you're 20 bro. You and me only 2 years different in age :D
Don't ever forget to bring the luckiest memory on your birthday. It's only once a year bro! :) So please stay being cool with me :D And Last but not least, Happy birthday again! Enjoy your day to the fullest! :)

Dedicated for you! :D

Monday, 16 April 2012

Expect the unexpected.

Yes Assalamualaikum citizens of Blog :) and I wish you people a pleasant morning/night xD hahaha. I should be saying at least Sorry or my guilty pressure for not knowing my readers' current time, honestly. My intention is just to create a new single post as usual if I am here. Ohh I'm terribly here now hahaha. So let's just go straight to the point? Let's expect the unexpected :) Okay, it is actually out of my expectation that I would be called for an interview at Intec Shah Alam :) Truth be told, Tesl is my third selection, not my first. And I wondered why I've been chosen for the interview? There's too many applicants who applied Tesl as their first choice ever, I guess. So let's get back to the topic. I went all formally there with a tie on. (I looked very nerd) So the first session was just not really okay since the objective questions were all confusing. I couldn't find the right one but I believe what I chose were the best xD haha. The essay? I have to point this, the essay was fine but we candidates had only ONE topic given. only ONE. Can you imagine how hard I was thinking to sort out all the points. Luckily the essay was not really difficult. But if it was, sure I'd be send off course. Haha. Oh yes, the essay was about "Dangers of using social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Friendster.." So Twitter is not included? HAHAHA. I won't go blabbering about what I wrote in my writing section so let's just move on okay? :) So the next session, of course the scary interview! Haha not really scary after you felt the humorous with the panels. Hehe. before being interviewed, I was like "Erghh please don't ask me anything idiot and whatever related to that" HAHAH. But it all went smooth just after the panels did ask me calmly. Pheww -.- This is what I'm going to tell ya! Haha. So my first step to the door and when I closed it, One of the panels asked "what should we call you?" and I simply answered "You can call me shah. That's the simplest and the shortest" and I was being told to sit. So here are the questions. I couldn't remember all, and this is what I could recall. The questions sounded like this ;

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am from Puchong Indah :) <--- I smiled ok ! haha.

Q: Johor? <-- he misheard that.
A: No, Puchong indah, sir :)

Q: Oh Puchong. So do you know why it is called Puchong Indah?
A: Because it is beautiful :)

Q: Why it is beautiful? <-- -.-'
A: It has one lake...created by...someone perfect.... <--- This point! I was stuck! HAHA.

Q: Okay so far do you know any current events in Malaysia?
I asked him back "do you mean current issues in malaysia" and he agreed. Haha
A: Yes, PMR will be abolished next year as if I am not mistaken. I heard that from others. ( I just hentam saja meh 'cause I didn't really know xD)

Q: Describe about your school.
I accidentally answered "there are three types of students in my school which are normal students, librarians and prefects -.- but then he said other than that.
A: Okay my school is called SMK Puchong Perdana. The.....headmaster(should be principal!) is Encik Ahmad Badri bin Mardi as far as I know.

Q: Do you like your English teacher?
A: Oh yes! I like her because she's beautiful! <-- The beautiful answer again. Sigh

Q: Why do you like her?
A: Because she taught me of being honest....what is that call...loyalty <--- HAHAH I Screwed this because I had no IDEA :(

There were still a bunch of questions about my teacher but I couldn't recall sorry :)
I told him that I was A chairman librarian.

Q: So what did you do during the year of being a chairman?
A: I planned a meeting on how to make the library beautiful. but I handled it all by myself. My juniors were **** <--- sorry got to censor the word kay :)

He told: yea because you didn't give proper instructions to them, that's why they are (censored) haha.
I answered: I gave them proper instructions but they refused.

Q: Do you love library?
A: Yes!

Q: Why do you love it?
A: Because I love the environment in it. I can study there calmly .

Q: Do you think we need library since we have internet.
A: Of course we still need it.

Q: Why?
A: Because internet is not only a tool to find informations. <-- couldn't remember what I answered. Sorry :)

Q: So why do you choose tesl?
A: Okay, actually Tesl is my third choice. I don't know why I've been called for the interview.

Q: So what is your first choice?
A: My first choice is Tourism! :)

Q: Do you get the interview for that program?
I couldn't hear well so I accidentally said yes but then I told something like "Eh no the program has no interview"

Q: So why do you choose tesl?
A: Because I love seeing students studying English.

Q: Do you have the quality to be a teacher?
A: Honestly, I don't expect to be a teacher :) But I love english!

The related question? FORGOTTEN. haha my guilty pleasure readers :)

Q: So what if you got Tourism but you failed at tesl?
A: That's my drama. I don't know which one should I choose.

I guess these are all the questions I could remember so far and afterwards I shook my hand with the male panel. I took myself to the main gate and called someone.Who is that eh? HAHA Okay let me tell you. I've found my long-lost brother Abg Arep back! Yippee! Haha. After one year and 2 months missing, I've finally and successfully found him back. Woohoo! Abg Arep is my third brother in my life although in reality only two brothers I have, but I consider him as my third brother :) I knew him since I was in Form 4. Ehmm I don't need to describe about him lah kot? Wasting and out of topic, yeah blatantly xD But I'm going to tell you that I met him and we went to a restaurant just to fill up our tummy. Haha. But too bad we couldn't make it longer because I had to go home early. We'll meet again Ok bro :) So the sick of missing Abg Arep has ended :D So my mum fetched before going home. And I was with Abg Arep in his car and we talked a lot like my mum will come tomorrow. HAHA.

So here are the pictures! :)

Some of the applicants, some had returned home :)

This is the room where all the applicants were being interviewed :D

HAHAH the funny moment with him xD HAHAHHA!

SHUT UP! Don't you dare to comment anything about my face -_- especially my hair. I look silly okay.

Okay that's all folks. I'm away to sleep now. goodnight assalamualaikum~ :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

The unplanned dinner.

Hi there :) I'm up to work but it's too early to go. So yeah, I guess I need to spend my time on blog. I know you people already sensed my shadow of coming back :P Hahha. How I wish I could update or create a new post but it's just that I have no idea to do so. But if so, I know the topic would be rated as ridiculous :D Haha Should we go to the topic? ;) We should. Okay the unplanned dinner I had with my all my family members but not include my second brother because I didn't know why xD . Mom said "Shah do you wanna go?" I replied " where to go?" with a confusing expression I gave xD So then mom told that, The eldest bro was going to treat us up a dinner. I first refused but then mom called me to follow them so I agreed. It is only unplanned to me but not to my parents hehe :P So yes, I followed along with my superb dad drove the Avanza :D

The dinner was somewhere in Kajang. I couldn't remember what the name of the restaurant is -.- oh Sh!t! haha. And apart from that, My sister-in-law was there too since she's my Bro's wife xD As far as I could remember, I only ate Chicken Black Pepper Steak Rice. Quite weird? Haha. So here the pictures are :)

Oh sorry for the bad graphic : |

Haha my meal xD

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Goodbye..March :)

Testing 1..2..3 Okay let's get it started :D So hi back people! >.< I'm being such a nuisance now since I left my blog crying :( sorry. As usual, my time is not sufficient to update a new post. But I already told you that I won't leave my blog eventhough it lasts untill my very last breath. Cehh -.-' I don't think I need to ask how are you all people :P Just let's go to the main point! :) Goodbye March, it seems like March is very meaningful to me. And yes, I confess that I love March very much :) Too many incidents happened on March. Not only this year, the past years taught me something as well. So what is that something? Well never mind you'll never know, trust me :) .

Ok this year, 2012, I took my very first licence to valid myself driving a car and yes I've successfully made it. I passed the test taken on March 7th :) Oh I guess you people already know about this because I've updated last few weeks ago :) But hell yeah, I'm only telling what happened on March in my life :) If we ever meet again March, I'll try to make it harder to create at least a memory :)

Secondly, The day when I turned to be 18 this year was on March 16th . I'm sorry for not telling you guys but hey, you can always ask :) Yes my birthday is on March 16th and I'm 18 NOW so no one can stop me to watch 18sx movies okay xD HAHAH . Truth be told that, I could hardly believe I am 18 now. 18? OH MY everything's all up to me now. I'm not saying that I'm big enough to make my very own decision, but I need to train myself with the current environment. And yes, I'm waiting for University life to come. Although I'm still a noob it doesn't mean I don't know a single about University ;)

Let's move the butt on :P . Okay this I guess this is the point where I will never forget about it, maybe. The day when I received my SPM result. Oh I'm terribly sorry for not updating about that! but I can tell my result here. Nothing to be proud of okay. Have a moment to look :)

1. Bahasa Melayu - A
2. Bahasa Inggeris - A+
3. Pendidikan Islam - A-
4. Sejarah - A+
5. Matematik - B+ 
6. Matematik Tambahan - C+
7. Fizik - C+
8. Kimia - C+
9. Biologi - B 

Briefly, I got 4A2B3C . Not as good as straight As student but that is my final result and cannot be changed anymore. It's okay. SPM is not the end point. I'm going to struggle in University and just you wait xD
Speaking of University, I've made the only one choice that, I want to further my studies with Tourism. Why is that? The first reason would be I love travelling and secondly, I've always wanted to be a tourist guide ;)

There's too many incidents on March in my life but I don't think I can list them one by one here so this is the final point today. Those incidents I've listed above were the most memorable and I would never forget about that ;) And lastly, thanks for reading and may we meet again :) See ya!

Monday, 19 March 2012

If We Ever Meet Again ~

Assalamualaikum and haiiii :D Haha bertemu kita sekali lagi dalam lembaran terbaru kali ini. Oh jap, aku terasa nak guna Bahasa Melayu ni. Nanti-nanti aku post balik dalam English :) Sebelum tu, korang semua sihat kan? Alhamdulillah. Hehe. Maaf kerana agak lama jugak aku tinggalkan blog aku sorang-sorang :D Haha sebabnya terang-terang aku malas nak update and takde idea sebenarnya :D Tapi hari ni terasa nak update sebab ada event berlaku :) Apa eh? Ni ha nak bagitau, masa hari sabtu 17 Mac hari tu, aku hang out dengan kawan baik aku ni ha, shafeeq :D Haha. sepatutnya ingat nak keluar masa 16 Mac, tapi hari tu aku keje so tepaksa postpone hari sabtu sebab sabtu aku cuti. Kitorang pegi lepak dekat Mid Valley :) Aku dengan selamba badak nya pegi sana sorang-sorang naik bus. Dia datang dengan sedare dia yg kecik comel molek tu. Heheh. Bende pertama kitorang buat, of course la jumpa dulu. Oh jumpa tepat-tepat dekat tangga nak naik KTM tu. Bak kata shafeeq tu hah, KTM tu Keretapi Terlambat Malaysia :D HAHAH. Takpe weh nanti aku pulak try KTM tu pegi tempat kau pulak ye bawak aku jalan-jalan kat sana :) Lepas tu, Kitorang pegi lah tengok movie sebagai satu pelengkap aktiviti. Cerita John Carter kan? Sebenarnya aku sendiri tak paham cerita tu. Tiba-tiba Jasoom Barsoom Jeddak bagai. Hahha macam-macam lagi. Aku tengok jelah movie tu. Yelah dah berbayar kang blah camtu je membazir lah pulak. Oh ha! Aku dengan shafeeq ada beli satu baju ni, baju yg sama :D Haha baju tu warna kuning. Lawa aku pon suka. Ni first time aku shopping baju warna kuning. Tak lupa jugak, ada seorang lagi memeriahkan suasana ;) Haha tak sangka Si Shaff ni pon ada kat Mid jugak masa tu. Dia pon tunjuk kat kitorang mana F.O.S tu. Kalau tak tak shopping la kitorang :D
SO mana nya pic aku hang out dengan Shafeeq? Nak tunjuk la ni :D

Gambar ni sebenarnya dengan muka tak malu kitorang selamba je posing. HAHA.

Aku suka gambar ni, Eh shafeeq, ada lagi satu picture kat tangga ni kau tak upload. Aku ingat. Hehe :P Oh yang budak kecik comel molek sebelah shafeeq tu sedare dia :)

Bertiga lebih afdal kot? eh. HAHA :D

So itu lah serba sedikit mengenai hang out aku masa 17 Mac. Wahai Sahabat, " Walau raga kita terpisah jauh, namun hati kita selalu dekat ;) "  Ye itu lagu Aishiteru. Apa kaitan? Walaupun kitorang jauh, persahabatan tetap takkan dilupakan :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sesungguhnya aku rindu :)

Haha bertemu lagi kita di topik yang ketiga sekali lagi :D eheh. Maaf. Aku tersangatlah bosan sebab taktahu nak buat apa ni ha -.- Lagipun hari ni kan hari sabtu, aku cuti daripada bekerja! :D Lepastu, mood aku tiba-tiba rasa macam nak penuhkan blog aku ni dengan post-post yang merepek. Hehe :P Agaknya, ada ke yang sudi nak baca blog aku ni? HAHA. Entahlah, lantak la asalkan blog aku takde la berhabuk sangat ketinggalan zaman tak update apa-apa kan :D Berkenaan dengan topik yang aku selit kat situ, aku sendiri taktahu dan aku pun malas nak bagitahu. HAHA sudah! Apa benda aku merepek ni. Straight to the point. Sesungguhnya aku rindu zaman aku sekolah dulu :) Hahh itu lah topik aku hari ni. Aku sememangnya rindu nak jadi budak sekolah semula :) Ok, aku nak cerita satu per satu dari aku form 1 sampai lah form 5 :) Check it out .

Masa tu, tahun 2007, aku masih lagi berumur 12 tahun yang akan menjadi 13 tahun. Hehe :P Maksudnya, tahun 2007, aku dah mula jejak kaki aku dalam sekolah menengah aku yang pertama dan terakhir. SMK Puchong Perdana tu lah. Apa lagi :) First day masuk sekolah tu, aku tak rasa apa-apa pun. yang aku rasa, aku masih lagi budak mentah yang berumur 12 tahun. Haha. Sepatutnya aku sekolah kat Batu 14. Tapi aku mintak tukar sekolah situ sebab dekat dengan rumah sikit. Dekat sikit jela tak banyak pon. Hari pertama, hari suaikenal. Alaa nak berkenalan bagai, dah la aku sehelai sepinggang tak kenal siapa-siapa pun masa tu. Oh ha, masa Tingkatan 1 ni aku kena campak dalam kelas 1 Bestari. Aku pun dengar rasa biasa je terima kelas tu seadanya. Dah la time tu aku sorang-sorang je. Ish takde kawan seh! Tapi, ada la member sekolah rendah teman aku kat 1 Bestari tu, alih-alih dia pulak pindah pegi kelas 1 Amanah. Haih. Sorang-sorang balik! Haha lepastu, bermulalah dapat member baru :) Masa tu jugak, aku dah jumpa Selvia :) Selvia je, yang lain belum lagi. Masa Form 1 ni jugak, aku dah dilantik jadi Pengawas Pusat Sumber. Banyakla jugak aku merasa time form 1 ni. merasa apa? Merasa jugak dapat number 1 dalam kelas. Takde tujuan nak berlagak apa-apa okay. hanya cerita sahaja :) Maaf ye, time aku form 1 , tak banyak sangat cerita yang ada :)

Ok, perenggan kedua pulak :) tahun 2008 dah up sikit, haha dah beralih daripada tingkatan 1 kepada tingkatan 2. Kelas aku still sama 2 Bestari. Time ni, dapat lagi kawan baru :) DINI . Haha siapa lagi lah kan aku nak cerita. Masa Form 2, Aku memang minat sains. Entah kenapa, tapi memang aku minat sains masa form 2 sampai aku bebal math. Lupa, aku Rumah sukan warna Biru and aku ada masuk pertandingan tapi tak menang pon. HAHAH. Tahun ni, aku ada join masuk Choral Speaking dekat mana tah. Aku pun dah lupa. Dah lama benda ni berlalu. Tapi tak menang jugak. HAHA. Sebelum tu punya la semangat buat latihan tiap-tiap hari sebelum pertandingan. Last-last, terima jelah kenyataan kan. Masa Form 2 pon, aku dah pandai pasal bab-bab couple ni, hahaha! Alahh sebenarnya dari Form 1 aku dah minat someone tu. Cinta monyet alam persekolahan :D haha. Tak silap aku, tahun 2008 ni tahun di mana MYSPACE menguasai para pengguna internet :D Aku pun join jelah guna myspace. Add friend bagai apa semua. yang paling best masa form 2, dah pandai nak hang out sana sini sesuka hati. biasalah, time nak mencuba itu ini kan :) Nah tengok picture time form 2. huduhhh gila picture ni tapi, alaa ada jugak picture :P

HAHA abaikan muka aku yang tah hape-hape tu, time skema menguasai diri. yang picture bawah ni pulak, time Mr Kee ganti Cikgu English kitorang. Dia memang awesome lah ajar English! :D

Baik, kita teruskan dengan topik seterusnya :D Masa 2009 pulak, Haa masa ni dah form 3. Still kelas sama, 3 Bestari! Dah up sikit terus sekolah sesi pagi takde dah sesi petang :) Form 3? Korang pun fahamkan tahun tu ada satu exam besar? PMR. Ok bende tu tolak tepi dulu. Kita cerita benda lain kejap. Hehhe. Masa form 3 ni hah, aku rasa tak sedap hati sikit, Aku pun taktahu kenapa. Mungkin sebab form 3 ni kecik dari Form 4 dengan Form 5 tu? Mungkin. Tahun 2009 ni pun dah pandai nak turun KL bersama teman-teman. HAHA. Turun KL tu lepas sekolah weh. Semata-mata nak buat button kat KL. Yelah kat area aku ni takde nak buat barang macam tu. yang bestnya, dengan baju sekolah kitorang pegi KL tau. Orang pun pandang macam apa je kat kitorang. Ah lantak, Kitorang sekolah pagi bukan petang. Ok dah cerita pasal KL. Haha. Aku sendiri taktahu kenapa, masa form 3 ni, markah sains aku jatuh mendadak. takde lah sampai fail. 60 macam tu. lepas tu, math aku naik sikit. Haih sebab apa aku taktahu. Salah belajar kot. haha. Masa trial PMR, Sains aku rendah daripada Math. hishh 3A5B je tak silap trial aku. Alih-alih time PMR , 6A2B. Alhamdulillah. Tapi agak terkilan lah sikit sebab BM aku dapat B. HAHA. dah berlalu pon. takde apa yang boleh sedih lagi dah :) Ni hah gambar masa form 3 :D
Aku rasa korang boleh teka perubahan aku kat dalam gambar ni sedikit :P . Alaa korang akan jumpa jugak :) hehe teruskan Usaha mencari! :D

Move on! Tahun 2010 :) Ni dah lain sikit, sebab aku dah jadi upper form. Alaa Form 4 baru :) Aku dapat kelas Sains Tulen. Kelas aku pun dah berubah sebab ikut keputusan PMR, Aku dapat kelas 4 Amanah. Aku pun agak kekok sikit duduk kelas ni masa awal-awal. tapi lama-lama ok dah. yang tak bestnya, dah terpisah dengan Selvia juga Dini. Selvia duduk kelas sebelah. Boleh terima lah lagi. Yang dini, Dia pegi pindah kat Damansara :( sampai sekarang susah nak jumpa. Aku pun dah jumpa pelajaran yang dah up grade sikit. Apa lagi kalau bukan Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Additional Mathematics. Masa mula-mula belajar, rasa okay je. Tapi lama-lama, aku naik fed up. sebab bukan tak boleh carry on dengan subjek tu semua, cuma rasa susah sikit. sebab dah form 4, takde istilah undur belakang balik. Kena fikir masa depan dah. Bayangkan masa Form 4, dalam setiap exam besar, mesti ada fail satu! hish benda tu memang stress kan aku dulu. tapi dah lepas jugak :D hehe. Maaf ye, gambar masa form 4, tak dapat di upload. gambar yang lain ada lah :)

Picture atas ni, time aku hang out dekat ioi je. Haha, masa ni sebelum exam akhir tahun. Nak dekat exam baru reti nak hang out? HAHA. Biasalah cuti yang ada, janganlah sia-sia kan :P

 Aku yang masih skema. Ok shut up -.-' haha. gambar di atas adalah berkaitan dengan pelajar jepun yang melawat sekolah aku. Haa first time tu orang jepun datang sekolah aku. memang enjoy lah aku jumpa dorang. yang tak bestnya, susah la nak fahamkan apa yang kita cakap dekat mereka semua itu -.-' Aku bersungguh-sungguh bercakap dengan partner jepun aku, tapi dia bagi respon dengan angguk, senyum ketawa. Adoii. lepas habis jumpa budak jepun tu, petang terus exam addmath! memang terbaik sangat lah :D .

Ok! Tahun terakhir aku duduk sekolah adalah tahun 2011! Yeay tahun ni aku dah masuk Form 5 :D . Tahun ni jugak aku dah berhempas pulas berjumpa dengan SPM. SPM? Ok tu cerita belakang dulu ;) . Masa time form 5 ni lain sikit. rasa macam lagi panjang pulak aku nak update ni. Hehe. Ok start! Seperti yang korang dah tahu, aku ni kelas 5 Bestari kan? :) Sepatutnya, aku duduk dalam kelas 5 Amanah, yelah kan, sebab tahun lepas, pengetua buat rombakan kelas sains. Dia dah jadikan kelas Sains Tulen ni setaraf. Aku pon kena campak duduk kelas 5 Bestari tu. hish tak memasal aku rasa bengang kejap. Tapi, aku jumpa lagi sorang kawan, iaitu ALIFAH :D . Haa sama dia lah aku selalu berkepit. Ok tak payah cite pasal dia. Aku dah cerita kan dulu? :P hehe. Masa form 5 ni jugak, aku diberi peluang utk memegang jawatan Ketua Pengawas Pusat Sumber 2011. Aku tak sangka aku dapat jadi. apa-apa pon, aku berterima kasih kepada mereka yang memberi sokongan. Masuk Tingkatan 5, aku dah kena fikir masa depan. Sebelum fikir masa depan, aku kena fikir SPM. Cikgu pun ada cakap awal-awal, SPM tu penting kalau nak sambung belajar. Perasaan aku masa cikgu cakap macam tu, rasa sayu. Sebab cikgu cakap macam tu, time lagi 1 2 hari sebelum nak SPM. Kalau aku boleh patah balik masa ni, aku nak je buat benda baik tahun lepas. Hmm waktu tu dah berlalu. Cikgu aku tahun lepas pon dia sarat mengandung sebelum student dia jawab SPM. Dah kenapa aku cerita SPM je ni? Haha. sebenarnya, terlalu banyak kenangan aku masa Tingkatan 5 ni, sebab tahun ni tahun aku paling suka ! :)

Ini lah picture terakhir sewaktu Form 5 :) . Korang memang dah tau aku yang mana satu. Jangan risau :) hehehe.

Wahai pelajar 5 Bestari, aku sejujurnya rindukan suasana kelas kita yang dulu. Suasana tenang :) Aku rindu time kita belajar dalam kelas dulu :)

Gambar atas ni, kedudukan pelajar 5 bestari. Kalau korang perhati kan gambar ni, kelas 5 bestari dipenuhi dengan baju berwarna apa agaknya? :P

Aku berucap utk apa eh dalam gambar tu? haa. Tu aku berucap utk majlis santapan bersama pustakawan sekolah dan itu akan menjadi titik terakhir aku sebagai ketua pengawas pusat sumber :)

"Sekiranya aku diberi peluang kedua untuk berundur pada masa silam, akan aku laksanakan tugas aku dengan sepenuh hati dengan penuh rasa tanggungjawab. Biarpun menyedari aku hanyalah manusia biasa yang masih memerlukan bantuan, aku tetap akan cuba untuk melakukan yang terbaik!"

Aku rasa cukup sampai sini aku membebel. Macam terlampau panjang pulak aku update kan? Ok that's all. THANKS :)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wahai Dunia ~

Ohh Assalamualaikum. Rasanya lama tak update dalam Bahasa Melayu kan? Hehhe. Yes, topik kedua hari ni nak update dalam Bahasa Melayu iaitu Bahasa Ibunda sendiri :D Hahha. Sebelum tu, Haiii xD . Korang semua sihat tak? Ah aku sure sangatlah korang sihat kalau tengah melawat blog aku ni ha kan. Ok dah cukup lah aku mengarut kat situ :D . Tajuk topik aku tu "Wahai Dunia" . Sebenarnya aku sendiri pun taktahu kenapa aku letak tajuk yang demikian sebagai tajuk. Eh? Haha rasanya sebab aku dah tak ada idea kot nak letak apa benda yang menarik sebagai topik, so aku pun letak jelah Wahai Dunia tu. Heheh.

Ni hah, nak bagitau sebenarnya aku hari tu ada dapat panggilan interview aka temu duga dekat UPM. Actually bukanlah panggilan sebenarnya, aku dapat surat dalam bentuk kad ada nama dan alamat aku kat situ. Alahh dah macam kad jemputan kahwin aku tengok. Haha :D . Aku sendiri pun tak sangka UPM ni sudi nak panggil aku buat temu duga tu. Entah mana lah agaknya dia cekau alamat rumah aku ni. HAHA. Lepastu, suruh bawak keputusan percubaan SPM aku. Haishh! Pantang betul kalau cerita pasal Percubaan SPM ni. Malu kot nak show keputusan trial aku tuh. tak cantik pon markah -.-' . Oh dengan sukacitanya aku maklum bahawa aku tak pergi pon interview. Sebab apa? Pertama sekali of course la kan aku MALAS nak pegi. lagipun hari temuduga tu dia buat masa parents aku balik Johor Bahru. Harapan jelah aku nak pegi. Oh lupa, course yang termaktub dalam surat tu "Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu" . Apa? Sains? Kesihatan pulak tu? Haaaa aku kalau dah bab sains-sains ni aku memang tak berminat la. Hehe. Dan aku pun biarkan je surat jemputan tu hidup dalam bilik aku -.- Maaf ye pihak UPM ~ Terima kasih kerana sudi menjemput saya. Heheh.

Masa bulan Disember tahun lepas pulak, aku dapat surat tawaran dari MSU. Tau MSU tu apa kan? Management Science University. Aku nak kata happy dapat surat daripada pihak MSU tu taktau lah pulak. Yelahkan, aku ni bukan selalu dapat surat pon so ada lah jugak rasa teruja tu sikit :P Tapi yang first tawaran ni dia jemput nak suruh register untuk pengambilan pelajar baru lah apa lagi kan. Aku pon pegi lah tanya orang, patut ke aku masuk MSU tu? Dorang pun respon cakap tak payah lah pegi, MSU tu pun IPTS kan, kalau IPTA aku dah lama pegi :) Daripada aku dok menghadap tidur kat rumah je hari-hari. HAHA. Dalam surat tu pon ada macam kos dia sediakan, kos yang aku nak pun ada. Tapu sayangnya aku tak dapat pegi lah MSU. Mak bapak aku tak kaya nak hantar anak dia yang sorang ni pi belajo kat Universiti Swasta. Hehe :P . Aku cuma tunggu Keputusan UPU tu je. Macam terlalu awal kan aku dah isi borang UPU tu? Haha lantak la, asalkan aku dah isi jadah tu. Rabu lepas pulak, aku ada dapat surat dari MSU lagi sekali. Kali ni, bukan main BESAR dia bagi surat tu -.- Haha aku pun taktahu lah sebab apa dia hantar lagi sekali. Mungkin sebab ada operator MSU ada call aku sebelum tu, tanya aku macam-macam. Tengah buat apa sekarang, result trial macam mana. Ha soalan lain secara automatiknya aku tak berapa nak ingat :P . Siap kasi surat nak pos balik ke MSU tu tau. Tapi yang course dia tawar kat aku ni, course TESL bahagian Education. TESL? Yes bende tu bahasa inggeris. Aku memang minat, tapi mintak maaf agi sekali ye wahai pihak MSU, Mak Abah saya bukan lah jutawan besar Malaysia nak hantar saya belajar kat Universiti Swasta :) Aku pun dah pernah jejak MSU :) Cantik, gorgeous, hebat macam-macam lagi lah. Kepada siapa yang belajar kat situ, Belajar lah bebaik ye :) korang belajar berduit kan? :)

Aku rasa sampai sini jelah aku boleh merepek ye :) hehe terima kasih kepada kalian yang membaca xD K ciao Assalamualaikum :)

Happy Birthday :)

....Assalamualaikum Bloggers :) 

To shorten my topic, whose birthday is it today? It's March 10th today :) I would probably say it's my late bro's birthday. Roan Haiqal. Happy Birthday Abang Haiqal :) . Al-Fatihah for you. I may not a good brother to you but all I can give is only Fatihah for you. Truth be told, yes I miss you bro. May you Rest In Peace Abang Haiqal! :')
I'm here to recite Fatihah for you everytime you strike my mind, brother. Don't worry Abang Haiqal :) . I'm sorry, I'm not going to tell you a whole lot about him and not going to tell how he died. It's a tragic moment. Whatever it is, Happy Birthday and Rest In Peace Dear Abang Haiqal :') Sincerely from me.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Probation, Here I come!

..Assalamualaikum :)

Hi >.< Hahha It's allready March 7th 2012 today and since it's March, should I say, hello MARCH ? :D haha. Wawww. How I miss my blog :) How're ya people? Bet you're fine. The wait is over :) Pardon me. I've waited this day and I should have said Alhamdulillah for passing my JPJ test. As you can see the title I've written neatly there, it's probation :) I have highlighted something in my previous topic that I passed the computer test and today would be the last day to be a student of driving school. I fortunately passed my JPJ test and I will be able to drive a car from today onwards. I am currently waiting for Probation Licence. Despite having failure last week, it didn't break my self confidence to make it better and I finally passed it today. I was in misery for a few days back. It's normal to everyone but luckily I have made it. Biggest thanks to Allah :) How I faced today's actions ;

- Woke up early in the morning as usual.
- Went to the office at Puchong.
- Driving teacher brought me to the HQ .
- Waited for my turn.
- Passed with 16/20 .

Briefly, I passed with 16/20 and 16 is lowest passing mark. phewww ~ so no more stupid mistakes especially on the road because I will be driving at my own risk from now on. Whatever it is, SAFETY PRECAUTIONS must not be forgotten :)

That's all :)

Friday, 24 February 2012

I conquer everything ! :)

1 2 3 4 5. Boom! Let's get started fellers! :) So here I am back using English for the whole topic today. I did say that I miss using English and successfully it made me smile. In return, I am smiling back again :) heheh. I am not going to type a whole lot, but let's just see :P Get back to the topic :) So what's with conquer? What do I conquer? Anybody knows? No. okay. Haha. The title seems to be a bit tricky I guess. Practically, I conquer this blog! Oh yeah! Hahah no. I virtually conquer my current job. Yes as a night market boy, I conquer everything to handle. I did say that I sold "Nasi Kerabu" didn't I? :) But I am not selling it any longer. My boss told me last few weeks ago to sell "Nasi Kukus" and "Nasi Lemak Kukus" . Oh I freaking forgot that I am posting about my current career now. K that's ridiculous :P hahah. I was told to sell that and yes, I'll be selling them both till I quit being a night market boy. Do you think selling those meals is easy? Not that easy when you don't have the ability to pack them. Even I myself still need improvements -.- How do I adapt myself to the surrounding people? Tell you what, I always encounter with problems related to puzzlement. It confuses me everytime people want to change their needs there. One wants to have this. Another needs this. Oh yes, it happens when a bunch of people overrun my stall. In fact, I need an assistant to lend me hands so that I wouldn't be as exhausted as I always been before. Speaking of assistant, can I have someone to help me? I wish my boss would understand me anyhow. Hehe. I love the fact that when I'm doing my work, like packing the meal, I never think of anything else at all. Haha I focus more to do my work. But I hate the fact that I am always exposed to the oil splashes and it does fascinate my mouth to say curse words! -.- What's with oil splashes? Does it distract your mind to know? :P Haha ok I'll let you know. I am not only packing meals, but I fry chickens as well :) Hahha that's the reason I hate being exposed to hot oil. Let's look at some photos here :)

So I look at those stuffs everytime I work :P

not me frying the chickens there :P 

I think this is the point where I have to stop my topic. Sorry for the nonsense topic today -_- Haha.  We'll be seeing next time, if God wills it :) see ya! 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sekilas ku terimbas tentang perkara yg dah lepas..

So, firstly and foremost, Assalamualaikum you people :) How have you been doing these days? I am sure you're all okay..especially without me xD . I never thought of posting a new post ever since I wanted to do so.. What's wrong with me using English as a second language? *eh* . No, I only attempted to use English for the time being since I am not having any english novels in my own "tidy" room. So please, correct me if I'm wrong? There has been too much drama of my grammatical mistakes and something related to that. It's only YOU who can only fix my fixed problem :) Sorry for the inconvenience :P The urge of typing in English finally made me smile a little on my mouth so can I stop using English here (fullstop) :)

Hahha ok  sudah-sudah la aku mengarut benda-benda kat atas tuh wei. Aku bukan nak menunjuk ke apa dan tak pernah terniat nak berlagak ke apa :) cuma aku dah lama tak bukak buku english, rindu aku padanya kian membuak *ayat cannot go* . ahha cukup! Ok terus pada poin. Kenapa entah topik aku semacam pelik? " Sekilas ku terimbas tentang perkara yg dah lepas.." Hmmm apa benda tah yg aku terimbas tu agaknya? Cuba korang jawab untuk aku? Tak boleh? Yela aku jawabkan.. *ayat mengundang penumbuk dushh dushh* . Aku terimbas seketika.. terimbas kembali kat sekolah yg aku dah tinggalkan dua bulan lepas.. sebenarnya bukan pada sekolah aku terimbas. cuma terimbas pada kelas kesayangan aku dulu masa final year. Tahun tu paling bermakna untuk aku :) sebab apa? Sebab ada periksa besar masa akhir tahun. paham-paham la apa dia! SPM -.- teringat jugak kat cikgu-cikgu yg dah ajar aku selama ni. Harap-harap mereka yg berkenaan tu semua sihat walafiat lah kan :) . Sejenak kat fikiran aku yg tengah melayang ni, Result SPM pon semakin menghampiri. Macam tak percaya pulak lebih kurang sebulan lebih je lagi result dah nak keluar. Oii mana taknya 22 Mac 2012 tu dah hampir la.

22 MAC 2012

Tu hah aku letak tarikh tu tengah bagi korang semua nampak jelas sikit. Siap highlight lagi untuk korang tau :P Ehemm. Lebih kurang sebulan lagi result dah nak keluar. dan aku semakin tak keruan jadinya. Entah sebab apa lately aku selalu mimpi pasal result SPM. Terlalu banyak fikir mungkin? Tapi masa result PMR dulu takde la pulak aku takut gabra semacam ni. Rasanya sebab SPM tu penting kot. Teringat lagi dulu sebelum result PMR, aku cuma mimpi sekali je "kot" . Mimpi result aku 4A3B1E result PMR aku. Tahu tak E aku tu apa masa mimpi? BAHASA MELAYU WOI! Tapi selamat la mimpi. Lepastu selamat la result sebenar aku takde macam tu. Fuhhhh~ Result aku ok la. Cuma terkilan BM dapat B masa PMR -.- eeee bebalnya rasa. Mohon sangat time ambik result SPM nanti, BM aku bukan B lagi tapi bg lah at least A- . Amin :) . TAPI, yang cerita pasal SPM ni lain sikit drpd PMR. Aku mimpi lebih kurang dah, 7 KALI KOT. Bayangkan berapa kali dah aku hadap keputusan aku tu *dalam mimpi je :P* . Mimpi yg aku ingat, yang macam sengal sikit, Aku pegi ambik result dekat bank. Bank apa tah dengan pakaian baju sekolah tu. Hahah pelik je mimpi ni. Alih-alih bila dah tengok result tu aku terus terjaga dari tidur -.- Alaa tak sempat nak gimik tengok result dalam mimpi tu berapa A. haha :D . Ha! Lagi satu mimpi yg ni macam best. Macam biasa la kan aku pegi ambik keputusan dekat sekolah :) Baju biasa la bukan uniform biru -.- haha. Ada la peliknya sikit, tetiba aku tengok ada kawan Twitter aku pegi dok pasang khemah kat dataran. Aii kau pon nak interframe mimpi aku ke? Ahh tak kisah la semua tu. Aku pon pegi la ambik result mcm biasa. Main ambik jela tak sape cikgu nya aku tak ingat. Tup-tup tengok keputusan aku, 6A something. Betapa gembiranya aku tengok keputusan tu. Yelah kan, aku ni bukan lah kategori org yang pandai. Lepas tengok result tu, aku pegi tanya classmate aku dia dapat berapa. Sekali lagi, belum sempat dia jawab, aku terjaga dari tidur. Adoi kacaulah! Dalam 7 mimpi semua tu, 2 mimpi ni je aku paling ingat lah. Yang lain aku secara hormatnya tak ingat langsung :D haha.

Trial SPM vs Actual SPM ?

Bukak mata tu besar-besar kejap. Haha. dah baca kan sebelum aku taip benda ni :P Ok. Percubaan SPM dengan SPM sebenar? Mana satu agaknya lagi susah eh? Kalau bagi aku lah kan, dua-dua tu macam sama je SUSAHNYA kalau tak study langsung :P Tapi fikir balik, percubaan tu susah sikit kot. Yelah sebab aku tak study mana pon -.-' nak tau result aku? Nak bagitau kat sini kang ada pulak orang kata aku riak? Hmmm... Takpelah, aku dengan pendirian aku, aku bukan nak menunjuk ataupun riak :) Tuhan saja yg tahu apa aku rasa. Berikut adalah Keputusan yg hamba dapat masa trial ;

- Bahasa Melayu - 62
- Bahasa Inggeris - 81 
- Sejarah - 73
- Matematik - 74 
- Pend. Islam - 90
- Biologi - 58
- Fizik - 56
- Kimia - 43
- Matematik Tambahan - FAILED (segan nak show markah yg gila teruk -.-)

Sekali imbas, trial aku cuma 2A je. Adakah aku mampu nak dapat keputusan yg aku nak untuk SPM tu? Hmm menjadi tanda ( ? ) jugak dalam kepala otak ni. haih. Aku doa sangat supaya Add Math tak gagal lagi dah :\ Cukup lah aku hadapi kegagalan dalam Add Math tu banyak kali. Tak sanggup :\ Sebab tu jugak lah aku rasa aku tak layak masuk Matriks, tak layak nak ambik course yang berkaitan dengan Sains itu sains ini. Tengok markah bio fizik kimia aku pon dah tau. Tak cecah B pon! sedih je. benda ni dah lepas. Ini keputusan percubaan aku. Dah lalui result tu macam mana. Sekarang yg tinggal cuma nak ambik keputusan SPM sebenar. " The day will come soon in a blink of an eye. There's nothing left to hide our disappointments, frustrations and anxieties because Allah is there waiting for us to raise our hands up and recite the doa :) " . Dear Allah, you know what my weaknesses are, you know how tiny I am in your world, you know I am not able to be as strong as you taught me in such a moment, but I never care. I raise both of my hands just for you because you're the only Master of this world. If only you know how much my result means to my parents, please let me get at least 6A's not more or less. Amin.

p/s : topik hari ni agak panjang sedikit. maaf le. hehe apa apa pon. thanks! :)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Because they're the best ever :)

Err, Okay first of all, Assalamualaikum and HAI xD . Here I am replacing the previous topic. I have no idea why it turned to be like so messed up. The pictures I've uploaded also lost. I was editing it just now and, "BOOM!" blerghhh. Forget it. Let's just start the topic off BACK AGAIN -.-

Okay, tajuk topik aku yg lepas, agak berbeza dengan yang baru ni kan. Yelah bukan aku ingat pon semua kandungan yang aku tulis hari tu. Cis kau blog! Dengki dengan aku ke? Aihh terkejut aku kau tetiba nak cari pasal dengan aku. Ok dah melangkau jauh dari topik hehe sorry. "They're the best ever" ? Siapa kah gerangan mereka yang aku jadikan istilah topik hari ni? Sebelum tu, kenapa the best? Apa yang best? Best Best and Best. Sebabnya, Best aku kat topik tu refer pada BEST FRIEND! :) Ya Best friend :) Mungkin korang tertanya-tanya dalam sejenak fikiran tu kan. Biarlah aku jawab, sejujurnya aku update topik macam ni sebab aku hargai kawan baik aku semua :) Ha terus pada poin aku lah. Mereka yang saya sayang lagi cintai adalah seperti yg tertera di bawah ini :P

- Nur Dini Binti Mazdi (cik macaroons :P)
- Selvia Uailun Binti Sudarno (cik Sally :P)
- Alifah Amrina Binti Mohd Ihsan (cik apa eh?)
- Mohd Nor Syafiq Bin Abd Rahim (Mat hotttss :P betul dah kan nama kau?)

Dan itu lah dia keempat empat mereka kawan saya sayang lagi cintai. Hahah lebih-lebih pulak. Dorang pun boleh jadi calon girlfriend ke calon isteri ke tapi yg bawah sekali tu tak le :P hahaha. Ahh merepek. Dorang mana boleh jadi calon teman hidup aku pon. Dorang cuma kawan aku yang ter-awesome je! :) Jom sekilas kita tengok pic dorang yang cantik belaka ni :D

- Yang minah sebelah aku tu lah nama dia Dini. Psst, gambar kat dalam tu masa kitorang pegi One Utama yang aku kena bayar duit taxi sampai berapa hengget tah :P haha. Ok. Aku kenal Dini ni sejak sekolah menengah waktu kitorang form 2! Sama kelas sampai Form 3 kan dini kan? :) Memula dia tegur aku, dia cakap "apa?" hahah kelakar lah masa tu sebab dia cakap "apa" dengan ekspresi muka yang tak boleh blah :P . Memula biasalah rapat dulu dengan dia. Tapi kitorang jadi kawan baik terus masa form 4! Masa form 4 jugaklah dia ngada-ngada pegi pindah Damansara lepas tu tinggalkan aku :( haha. Sebabnya mesti la ikut parents kan apa lagi. Apa yang banyak aku tau pasal dia, macam tu jugak lah banyaknya dia tau pasal aku :) Macam-macam aku share dengan dia ni tau! Dia pon macam-macam dah share dengan aku. Tak kisah la benda merepek ke apa ke, semua benda tu aku tak kisah :D hehe. Apa yang membuatkan aku sayang dia cuma satu je, minah tu sedikit sebanyak dah membantu aku lembutkan hati aku yg keras macam batu, sombong dan sebagainya :) Wei kau tau tak aku ni bukan lah pakar motivasi, motibasi yelah haha. Tapi aku akan sentiasa jadi penasihat yang arif untuk kau! :) I love you one bestfriend :)

- Yang ni pulak cewek indonesia yg bernama Selvia! Awak cantik sayang dalam gambar tu saya suka :D hehe. Kitorang kenal sejak kecik lagi tau. 13 tahun. Kecik la tu kan? hehe. Masa tu kitorang sama kelas 1Bestari, 2bestari, 3Bestari. Tapi sedihnya masa form 4 kita berdua tak sama kelas la awak :( haha tapi itu semua tak merubah bestfriendship kita kan? :) Selvia ni boleh jadi kakak aku tau, sebab birthday dia baru lepas aritu, 12/2 sedangkan birthday aku bulan 3 :P . hehe Happy birthday ye sayangku ^^ semoga awak ceria selalu. Maaf aritu tak dapat borak dengan awak. Saya busy gilooo. Selvia ni garang tau, kadang-kadang aku sendiri takut dengan dia :P Nak tau tak? Kitorang kan, pegi ambik lesen kat tempat yang sama. Hari tu kelas KPP dengan dia lah aku berkepit :P Lepas tu, cikgu driving kitorang pon sama! haha kalau boleh nak sama lagi boleh tak? :P Selvia pun tau macam-macam pasal aku :) sebabnya dia pendengar yg baik giloo lepas tu, dia selalu bagi aku nasihat :D Aku penah buat dia nangis masa form 1 dulu. Jahatnya saya pada awak :( haha tapi itu semua masa aku tak matang langsung! apa apa pon, I love you two best friend :D

- Yang ni pulak? Sorry pic agak teruk sikit -.-' . Haha gadis dalam pic tu lah cewek kelate yg bernama Alifah agak petah berbahasa baku jugak ya! :) Ni lah dia Alifah Amrina yg aku selalu berkepit dalam kelas time cikgu takde kat kelas ke, cikgu masuk  lewat ke. Kan alifah kan? :) Oh lupa, kitorang sama kelas waktu form 5. Tapi kitorang dah kenal dulu sebelum tu, cuma takde lah rapat pon. Cerita aku pada dia, semua ada yg pasal happy, sedih, merepek, kecewa, macam-macamlah. Sama seperti mereka berdua yg kat atas tu :P Nak tau something tak? Bapak cik Alifah ni BOSS aku! Boss apa eh? Boss pasar malam yang aku keje tu! Haha setiap hari nak pegi keje mesti aku jumpa dia :) Aku sangat berterima kasih kat kau Alifah sebab kalau tak, jadi macam orang gilooo lah aku rumah tanpa kerja :) lepas tu pulak, rakan sekerja semua nya baik-baik belaka :D Suka sangat dan bersyukur sangat! Macam mana aku boleh jd best friend dengan dia eh? Al-kisahnya macam ni. Heheh. Aku ingat lagi time aku ajak dia pegi rehat sesama. Dia pun ikut jelah tapi tak sangka lepas tu kita boleh jadi best friend terus kan :D . Siapa dia suka, siapa dia minat tu semua aku tau. masalah dia pun aku tau! Tapi aku takkan share lah dekat sini. Rahsia tuuuuu :P . Satu lagi, dia gadis lembut yg memahami aku sepenuhnya :) I love you three bestfriend! :)

Okay sampai poin sini aku rasa lain sikit nak buat, sebab apa tah lain? Sebabnya maybe atas tu semuanya perempuan yg bawah ni lelaki punya poin pulak :D Mehh usha pic hot dia wuu wuu :P

Siapa ahh mamat hot atas ni? Agak-agak korang lah kan, dia ada tak iras-iras mana artis Malaysia? :P hehe . Ok lah terus terang jelah ehh. Ni lah dia bf aku :) bf? Ye dia mmg bf aku :) BF? BEST FRIEND OK tak apa yg lebih di situuuu :) Ha ni lah dia shafeeq atau nama penuh dia, Mohamad Nor Syafiq Bin Abd Rahim (betul kan wei? :P) Dia ni sebaya dengan aku cuma dia lahir bulan 4 ! nak dekat dengan dini tuuu :D Tapi dia tinggal dekat seremban. Jauh eaa la ekau diam yoo shafeeq? :P Aku kenal dia menerusi laman web Muka buku masa form 4 tak silap. benda tu dah lama sangat sampai tarikh aku tak ingat. Memang kawan facebook aku bukan 10 20 orang.  Hm tak perlu kot aku bgtau jumlah kawan kat facebook, tapi dalam banyak-banyak kawan facebook yang aku kenal, dia lah yang paling aku rapat, kamcing and paling baik dengan aku sampai dah jadi best friend pon :D Believe it or not, It's all up to you people :) Apa yang aku tau, mmg aku kamcing gila dengan shafeeq and sekepala dengan dia :P kira macam kembar aku jugak kot. hihi. Dah macam-macam aku share dengan dia, dia pon dah macam-macam jugak dia share dengan aku. Aku pon selesa berkawan dengan dia. Eh shafeeq, kau tau tak aku terima kau seadanya walaupun kau tak sempurna sebab aku pon tak sempurna kat dunia ni :) Ha! Kitorang ada apply course sesama and Universiti sama. Aku panjatkan doa agar kita berdua dapat belajar sesama kat Universiti yg SAMA nanti tau :) Aminnn. Apa-apa pon, aku sayang kau bro :D Harap kita akan contact sampai bila-bila :D amin.

So, itulah serba sedikit tentang kawan-kawan aku yg paling rapat :) Bukan rapat lagi dah! Kawan baik dah pon. Huhu. Aku boleh cerita panjang pasal korang cuma malas la pulak rasanya nak taip panjang-panjang. Ada ke tak yang sudi nak baca nanti :P padahal dah nak habis topik pon. Hehe, Apa pon, aku sayang semua kawan baik aku and tak ada kurang atau lebih antara korang semua! Love y'alls haha. Sekian Wassalam :)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tell me what to do.

Hi as usual :) Since I'm not doing anything today, I guess this is the right moment to post a new story. Oh yeah, It's Saturday and I should be working? Haha No. I officially swap my working day with my friend. So she replaces me today and I replace her on Monday. Fair and square full stop :) So I'm such a lazy ass today. I don't know what to do at this time. Duh, seriously. Could you please tell me what to do? Err blogging? Ok I'm doing it now. hehe. Sooooo what do I do today? Oh yeahh, I snapped a bunch of pictures just to create a new post :) and when I actually feel bored, this is what I did, creating an art :D
Yes you can comment anything about this picture above. I'm just too bored and I'm all alone here in my room. My parents are not here. They're at my hometown and will be back tomorrow :) So can anybody come here to keep me company? Oh guys only! girls are fully invited but can only sit in front of my house. hehe. I told I am currently in my room right. So this is a part of room xD
Yes this is my table. Err ignore the things at the right side xD haha I know my table is not as neat as yours :P . So all I can say today, I'm such a lazy bum today 'cause I spend a long time in my room to do nothing -.-

I <3 NY haha :P Ok to end this, Thanks for spending your time here. May we meet again :D

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Let's rebuild the memories.

Hello back bloggers :) Oh first of all, it's January 31st 2012 today and January will take its turn to leave soon. So, I wish we'll be seeing again next year January :) . Welcome February~ Enough. Get back to my point. So what's with memory I stated as a topic? Haha I'm not gonna tell all of you from A to Z about that. Just a simple note I've written before for someone :) AND AS IF "YOU" ARE READING THIS, you would know how much I miss you. You <--- refers to only ONE person. Let's read :)

" When I first looked at your face, I told myself "Oh my goodness, you're so cute!" Yet I know you will never be mine because there is always a better person for you. Day by day,  I couldn't hold myself to tell you that I really fall in love with you and I forced myself not tell you what inside my heart was. When people approach you and get to know you better, I feel i am no longer important in your life. I admit, I should have not be like this. Jealousy strikes when someone is talking, joking and chatting with you although I know that's natural to a person. When everytime I need to be alone, you suddenly came across to my mind. You didn't know that I was feeling so misery because I need you by my side. Just because I missed you, I tuned a song named Beautiful Soul sang by Jesse McCartney. Yes, I know I should have let you go but I couldn't. The feeling keeps haunting me every moment. I pretended to be okay whenever we were having conversations. Even if it was only short conversations,  I could feel both mistakes I made. I had no idea whether to leave, or to take. I wish I had guts to make a right decision but the guts had lost. I'm a loser now because I'm falling for you. Time decides every single thing and I let it to decide itself eventhough it lasts until my last breath. Patience is the only way and the only will to keep going on my daily routine. I remember I told myself to be happy for what I have but I have no idea why my feeling keeps telling me I lost something and for goodness sake it is actually you, the person I lost and I love. Tell me why, you're so hard to forget. Tell my why, I can't seem to face the truth because I keep staying on the flow of water. Keep moving without stopping on the flow of water, and now I'm heading nowhere without you. I concede now I need to be with you and I really hope that you will always be next to me. It's just you who can give me a warm hug and I won't let anybody else to do that to me. The time has come, now you know how my heart tells you. I'm sorry, I should have told you earlier when I first texted you by the phone. I'm sorry, I LOVE YOU! " .

So, this is the note I've written on a piece of paper :) 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ekspresi Diri.

" Hanya diri sendiri faham Ekspresi masing-masing. Tiada orang lain akan memahami sepenuhnya " .

Assalamualaikum wbt. Maaf ya sebab aku dah agak lama meninggalkan blog sejak akhir-akhir ni. Korang sendiri pun dah tau rasanya kenapa aku dah tak selalu update kan? Tapi kepada yang belum tahu and ini pula kali pertama korang menyelinap masuk blog aku, biar aku bagitau, aku dah kerja sekarang :) . Lupakan pasal tu, aku sure korang boleh faham ayat yang aku tulis sendiri kat atas tu. Melly Goeslaw pernah cakap, "ada apa dengan cinta" TAPI , aku cuma nak cakap "ada apa di sebalik Ekspresi diri" . Secara Amnya, kita tau sendiri apa maksud Ekspres. Tak payah terangkan lagi yee. Ekspresi itu perasaan kita. Kenapa ekspresi? Korang nampak kan perkataan EKSPRES mendahului sebelum huruf I . Ok, Perasaan itu adalah tindakbalas yang sangat cepat berlaku pada diri manusia serta-merta. Tak percaya? Maknanya korang bukan manusia ;) . Tak pernah kan kalau korang rasa sedih, nak tangguh kejap. "Eh, lagi 5 minit nanti aku sedih" . Memang dah sah verifikasi itu sendiri. Mana ada orang boleh tangguh perasaan. Ayat selebihnya kat belakang tu aku tersangatlah yakin korang semua faham. Hanya diri korang sendiri yang arif apa yang korang rasa. Sekalipun korang nak bagitahu perasaan kepada orang lain, cuba fikir adakah mereka dapat rasa? Jawapannya of course la TAK :) Sebelum buat keputusan, tenangkan ekspresi terlebih dahulu ya. 

Nota kaki : Ekspresi diri menunjukkan seseorang manusia itu normal ;)

I'm just waiting...


Kenapa dan mengapa aku post ayat sedemikian rupa ya? Itu agak menjadi persoalan pada diri aku sendiri dan mungkin agaknya pada calon SPM 2011 yang lain. Apa pulak kaitan ayat tu dengan tajuk blog aku hari ni? Waiting dalam Bahasa Melayu maksudnya menunggu. Menunggu pula adalah salah satu kata kerja. Itulah apa yang aku lakukan sekarang. Menunggu keputusan SPM untuk keluar. Secara jujurnya, aku sendiri taktahu kenapa aku buat post pasal result SPM. Tapi mungkin sebab Hari keramat tu dah semakin hampir kot? Bukan mungkin lagi, MEMANG SEBENARNYA YA keputusan dah hampir keluar. Aku cuma boleh tekankan dua perkara kat sini sama ada "menunggu" atau "buat taktau" . Sebabnya hari keputusan tu lambat-laun akan datang dan pergi jugak. Bagi aku, hari yang dinantikan dah semakin menghantui. Cuba fikirkan sendiri, bulan Januari dah nak menamatkan sesi hidupnya dengan 2012 dan Februari pula bakal datang menyusul. Februari yang selalu kita hidup, tak akan pernah cukup sebulan. Selepas Februari, dah tentunya MAC! Ya tak sampai dua bulan lagi! Keputusan SPM 2011 akan diumumkan tak lama lagi! Baru aku boleh sedar sikit. 

Nota kaki : Apa pun, aku mengharapkan yang terbaik daripadaNya. Amin insyaAllah. Semoga keputusan SPM 2011 lebih gempak! :)

Friday, 13 January 2012

Pasar Malam :D

Bahasa Melayu pulak. Ya aku dah banyak post dalam Bahasa Inggeris, kali ni aku buat post baru dalam Bahasa Melayu pulak. Nanti orang kata aku tak kenal Bahasa Melayu pulak. Sorry :) Aku post dalam Bahasa Inggeris sebab nak mantapkan Bahasa Inggeris je walaupun masih lemah lagi. 

OK. Terus bergerak pada topik saja ya. Cuba perhatikan tajuk topik aku tu baik-baik. Kenapa dengan pasar malam? Haha sebab aku rasa aku dah bekerja kat pasar malam sekarang. Rasanya sampai dapat keputusan SPM. Taktahu lagi lah. Mungkin sampai bulan April. Siapa tahu? :) Saja nak cari pengalaman macam mana susah nak cari duit. Tapi sekarang dah merasa susah senangnya bekerja. Sejujurnya, aku seronok dengan kerja yang aku ada sekarang walaupun gaji yang aku dapat tak sebanyak macam orang yang bekerja dekat shopping mall. Macam mana aku boleh kerja pasar malam? Haaa, alasannya satu je. Sebab kawan sekelas aku, ayah dia meniaga pasar malam. Aku pun bagitahu jela nak kerja dengan ayah dan semudah itu saja dah diterima kerja. Aku nak kata nasib baik tu taktahu la. Sebab aku nak sangat agaknya kerja meniaga ni. Ok meniaga apa sebagai persoalan? Aku meniaga Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Dagang dengan lauk-pauk. Kali pertama buat kerja ni memang tak reti apa-apa pun. Nak bungkus semua tu kena tanya adik kawan aku sendiri. Malu je -_- . Sekarang aku dah boleh bungkus tapi masih ada cacat juga :D haha. So, kepada sesiapa yang pernah nampak aku meniaga. Ye aku lah tu. Korang tak salah orang. Jangan tanya kenapa aku kerja pasar malam ok? Sebab aku malas nak kerja lain. tutup cerita. Heee. Ok sampai sini je coretan aku :D terima kasih.
Psst, masa meniaga aku mmg comot. hehe maaf lah :P

I passed..

Hello back again :) I've been missing like usual. Haha let's just get started now. I went to the office of Institut Manducekap 'last year' to register a licence of my own. So yeah, I successfully succeeded the first two classes. The first one, KPP which stands for Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu. In English, it is called Curriculum driving licence. To shorten it, I went to the institute at Shah Alam with my bestfriend, Selvia :) . It was quite fun since we laughed too much :P hehe. So a few days back, I took a computer test to make an LDL. What's that? Ok, it is Learner's Driving Licence. Get it right :) and I passed the test with 47/50 :) The passing mark is 42/50 . phewww thank god :)

So now, I'm waiting for my LDL only :) .
foot note : The test was so terrible. Haha. AND! I don't like the counter babe there.