Monday, 9 April 2012

The unplanned dinner.

Hi there :) I'm up to work but it's too early to go. So yeah, I guess I need to spend my time on blog. I know you people already sensed my shadow of coming back :P Hahha. How I wish I could update or create a new post but it's just that I have no idea to do so. But if so, I know the topic would be rated as ridiculous :D Haha Should we go to the topic? ;) We should. Okay the unplanned dinner I had with my all my family members but not include my second brother because I didn't know why xD . Mom said "Shah do you wanna go?" I replied " where to go?" with a confusing expression I gave xD So then mom told that, The eldest bro was going to treat us up a dinner. I first refused but then mom called me to follow them so I agreed. It is only unplanned to me but not to my parents hehe :P So yes, I followed along with my superb dad drove the Avanza :D

The dinner was somewhere in Kajang. I couldn't remember what the name of the restaurant is -.- oh Sh!t! haha. And apart from that, My sister-in-law was there too since she's my Bro's wife xD As far as I could remember, I only ate Chicken Black Pepper Steak Rice. Quite weird? Haha. So here the pictures are :)

Oh sorry for the bad graphic : |

Haha my meal xD

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