Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saenggil Chukka Hamnida :)

So here's to my 'bestest' Senior of all, Khairul Azlan Bin Abd Halim. Happy birthday brooo! Not only Happy Birthday but, HAPPY SWEET? HAHA ok Happy sweet 20 and May Allah bless whatever you do in your daily life okay? :) So let's sing together with me for my dearest senior!

Saenggil Chukka Hamnida!
Tanjoubi Omedeto!
Happy Birthday to you!
Selamat Ulang tahun!
Selamat hari jadi! 

So now you're 20 bro. You and me only 2 years different in age :D
Don't ever forget to bring the luckiest memory on your birthday. It's only once a year bro! :) So please stay being cool with me :D And Last but not least, Happy birthday again! Enjoy your day to the fullest! :)

Dedicated for you! :D

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