Saturday, 28 April 2012

Happy Birthday to you Best Friend :)

The last time I did post about my senior's birthday, didn't I? So here's specially made one post for my best buddy, Mohamad Nur Syafiq Bin Abd Rahim :) Here I am, wishing you Happy Birthday Brooo! Happy sweet 18 :P Hahha so now you and I are in the same group of age. It looks like I'm older than you but to me, you're always older than me :D Haha. Cherish your April 29th okay? And most importantly, cherish our bestfriendship :D . I'm always here for you. We'll be going out again soon! So our next meeting should be extra cool! We'll rock the place out! Just be sure not to miss every single meaningful moment on the day :D Knowing the truth that you badly want to be a teacher, I'll raise both of my hands up to pray for you. Sooner or later, You'll get what you've always wanted ok bro :D Happy birthday again ~!!
" Dear Beat friend, Y'know, I wish I'd always be there for you whenever you need me. I'm sorry I'm not a good friend, but please let me try to be perfect for you :)"

Happy birthday shafeeq :)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saenggil Chukka Hamnida :)

So here's to my 'bestest' Senior of all, Khairul Azlan Bin Abd Halim. Happy birthday brooo! Not only Happy Birthday but, HAPPY SWEET? HAHA ok Happy sweet 20 and May Allah bless whatever you do in your daily life okay? :) So let's sing together with me for my dearest senior!

Saenggil Chukka Hamnida!
Tanjoubi Omedeto!
Happy Birthday to you!
Selamat Ulang tahun!
Selamat hari jadi! 

So now you're 20 bro. You and me only 2 years different in age :D
Don't ever forget to bring the luckiest memory on your birthday. It's only once a year bro! :) So please stay being cool with me :D And Last but not least, Happy birthday again! Enjoy your day to the fullest! :)

Dedicated for you! :D

Monday, 16 April 2012

Expect the unexpected.

Yes Assalamualaikum citizens of Blog :) and I wish you people a pleasant morning/night xD hahaha. I should be saying at least Sorry or my guilty pressure for not knowing my readers' current time, honestly. My intention is just to create a new single post as usual if I am here. Ohh I'm terribly here now hahaha. So let's just go straight to the point? Let's expect the unexpected :) Okay, it is actually out of my expectation that I would be called for an interview at Intec Shah Alam :) Truth be told, Tesl is my third selection, not my first. And I wondered why I've been chosen for the interview? There's too many applicants who applied Tesl as their first choice ever, I guess. So let's get back to the topic. I went all formally there with a tie on. (I looked very nerd) So the first session was just not really okay since the objective questions were all confusing. I couldn't find the right one but I believe what I chose were the best xD haha. The essay? I have to point this, the essay was fine but we candidates had only ONE topic given. only ONE. Can you imagine how hard I was thinking to sort out all the points. Luckily the essay was not really difficult. But if it was, sure I'd be send off course. Haha. Oh yes, the essay was about "Dangers of using social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Friendster.." So Twitter is not included? HAHAHA. I won't go blabbering about what I wrote in my writing section so let's just move on okay? :) So the next session, of course the scary interview! Haha not really scary after you felt the humorous with the panels. Hehe. before being interviewed, I was like "Erghh please don't ask me anything idiot and whatever related to that" HAHAH. But it all went smooth just after the panels did ask me calmly. Pheww -.- This is what I'm going to tell ya! Haha. So my first step to the door and when I closed it, One of the panels asked "what should we call you?" and I simply answered "You can call me shah. That's the simplest and the shortest" and I was being told to sit. So here are the questions. I couldn't remember all, and this is what I could recall. The questions sounded like this ;

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am from Puchong Indah :) <--- I smiled ok ! haha.

Q: Johor? <-- he misheard that.
A: No, Puchong indah, sir :)

Q: Oh Puchong. So do you know why it is called Puchong Indah?
A: Because it is beautiful :)

Q: Why it is beautiful? <-- -.-'
A: It has one lake...created by...someone perfect.... <--- This point! I was stuck! HAHA.

Q: Okay so far do you know any current events in Malaysia?
I asked him back "do you mean current issues in malaysia" and he agreed. Haha
A: Yes, PMR will be abolished next year as if I am not mistaken. I heard that from others. ( I just hentam saja meh 'cause I didn't really know xD)

Q: Describe about your school.
I accidentally answered "there are three types of students in my school which are normal students, librarians and prefects -.- but then he said other than that.
A: Okay my school is called SMK Puchong Perdana. The.....headmaster(should be principal!) is Encik Ahmad Badri bin Mardi as far as I know.

Q: Do you like your English teacher?
A: Oh yes! I like her because she's beautiful! <-- The beautiful answer again. Sigh

Q: Why do you like her?
A: Because she taught me of being honest....what is that call...loyalty <--- HAHAH I Screwed this because I had no IDEA :(

There were still a bunch of questions about my teacher but I couldn't recall sorry :)
I told him that I was A chairman librarian.

Q: So what did you do during the year of being a chairman?
A: I planned a meeting on how to make the library beautiful. but I handled it all by myself. My juniors were **** <--- sorry got to censor the word kay :)

He told: yea because you didn't give proper instructions to them, that's why they are (censored) haha.
I answered: I gave them proper instructions but they refused.

Q: Do you love library?
A: Yes!

Q: Why do you love it?
A: Because I love the environment in it. I can study there calmly .

Q: Do you think we need library since we have internet.
A: Of course we still need it.

Q: Why?
A: Because internet is not only a tool to find informations. <-- couldn't remember what I answered. Sorry :)

Q: So why do you choose tesl?
A: Okay, actually Tesl is my third choice. I don't know why I've been called for the interview.

Q: So what is your first choice?
A: My first choice is Tourism! :)

Q: Do you get the interview for that program?
I couldn't hear well so I accidentally said yes but then I told something like "Eh no the program has no interview"

Q: So why do you choose tesl?
A: Because I love seeing students studying English.

Q: Do you have the quality to be a teacher?
A: Honestly, I don't expect to be a teacher :) But I love english!

The related question? FORGOTTEN. haha my guilty pleasure readers :)

Q: So what if you got Tourism but you failed at tesl?
A: That's my drama. I don't know which one should I choose.

I guess these are all the questions I could remember so far and afterwards I shook my hand with the male panel. I took myself to the main gate and called someone.Who is that eh? HAHA Okay let me tell you. I've found my long-lost brother Abg Arep back! Yippee! Haha. After one year and 2 months missing, I've finally and successfully found him back. Woohoo! Abg Arep is my third brother in my life although in reality only two brothers I have, but I consider him as my third brother :) I knew him since I was in Form 4. Ehmm I don't need to describe about him lah kot? Wasting and out of topic, yeah blatantly xD But I'm going to tell you that I met him and we went to a restaurant just to fill up our tummy. Haha. But too bad we couldn't make it longer because I had to go home early. We'll meet again Ok bro :) So the sick of missing Abg Arep has ended :D So my mum fetched before going home. And I was with Abg Arep in his car and we talked a lot like my mum will come tomorrow. HAHA.

So here are the pictures! :)

Some of the applicants, some had returned home :)

This is the room where all the applicants were being interviewed :D

HAHAH the funny moment with him xD HAHAHHA!

SHUT UP! Don't you dare to comment anything about my face -_- especially my hair. I look silly okay.

Okay that's all folks. I'm away to sleep now. goodnight assalamualaikum~ :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

The unplanned dinner.

Hi there :) I'm up to work but it's too early to go. So yeah, I guess I need to spend my time on blog. I know you people already sensed my shadow of coming back :P Hahha. How I wish I could update or create a new post but it's just that I have no idea to do so. But if so, I know the topic would be rated as ridiculous :D Haha Should we go to the topic? ;) We should. Okay the unplanned dinner I had with my all my family members but not include my second brother because I didn't know why xD . Mom said "Shah do you wanna go?" I replied " where to go?" with a confusing expression I gave xD So then mom told that, The eldest bro was going to treat us up a dinner. I first refused but then mom called me to follow them so I agreed. It is only unplanned to me but not to my parents hehe :P So yes, I followed along with my superb dad drove the Avanza :D

The dinner was somewhere in Kajang. I couldn't remember what the name of the restaurant is -.- oh Sh!t! haha. And apart from that, My sister-in-law was there too since she's my Bro's wife xD As far as I could remember, I only ate Chicken Black Pepper Steak Rice. Quite weird? Haha. So here the pictures are :)

Oh sorry for the bad graphic : |

Haha my meal xD

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Goodbye..March :)

Testing 1..2..3 Okay let's get it started :D So hi back people! >.< I'm being such a nuisance now since I left my blog crying :( sorry. As usual, my time is not sufficient to update a new post. But I already told you that I won't leave my blog eventhough it lasts untill my very last breath. Cehh -.-' I don't think I need to ask how are you all people :P Just let's go to the main point! :) Goodbye March, it seems like March is very meaningful to me. And yes, I confess that I love March very much :) Too many incidents happened on March. Not only this year, the past years taught me something as well. So what is that something? Well never mind you'll never know, trust me :) .

Ok this year, 2012, I took my very first licence to valid myself driving a car and yes I've successfully made it. I passed the test taken on March 7th :) Oh I guess you people already know about this because I've updated last few weeks ago :) But hell yeah, I'm only telling what happened on March in my life :) If we ever meet again March, I'll try to make it harder to create at least a memory :)

Secondly, The day when I turned to be 18 this year was on March 16th . I'm sorry for not telling you guys but hey, you can always ask :) Yes my birthday is on March 16th and I'm 18 NOW so no one can stop me to watch 18sx movies okay xD HAHAH . Truth be told that, I could hardly believe I am 18 now. 18? OH MY everything's all up to me now. I'm not saying that I'm big enough to make my very own decision, but I need to train myself with the current environment. And yes, I'm waiting for University life to come. Although I'm still a noob it doesn't mean I don't know a single about University ;)

Let's move the butt on :P . Okay this I guess this is the point where I will never forget about it, maybe. The day when I received my SPM result. Oh I'm terribly sorry for not updating about that! but I can tell my result here. Nothing to be proud of okay. Have a moment to look :)

1. Bahasa Melayu - A
2. Bahasa Inggeris - A+
3. Pendidikan Islam - A-
4. Sejarah - A+
5. Matematik - B+ 
6. Matematik Tambahan - C+
7. Fizik - C+
8. Kimia - C+
9. Biologi - B 

Briefly, I got 4A2B3C . Not as good as straight As student but that is my final result and cannot be changed anymore. It's okay. SPM is not the end point. I'm going to struggle in University and just you wait xD
Speaking of University, I've made the only one choice that, I want to further my studies with Tourism. Why is that? The first reason would be I love travelling and secondly, I've always wanted to be a tourist guide ;)

There's too many incidents on March in my life but I don't think I can list them one by one here so this is the final point today. Those incidents I've listed above were the most memorable and I would never forget about that ;) And lastly, thanks for reading and may we meet again :) See ya!