Sunday, 1 April 2012

Goodbye..March :)

Testing 1..2..3 Okay let's get it started :D So hi back people! >.< I'm being such a nuisance now since I left my blog crying :( sorry. As usual, my time is not sufficient to update a new post. But I already told you that I won't leave my blog eventhough it lasts untill my very last breath. Cehh -.-' I don't think I need to ask how are you all people :P Just let's go to the main point! :) Goodbye March, it seems like March is very meaningful to me. And yes, I confess that I love March very much :) Too many incidents happened on March. Not only this year, the past years taught me something as well. So what is that something? Well never mind you'll never know, trust me :) .

Ok this year, 2012, I took my very first licence to valid myself driving a car and yes I've successfully made it. I passed the test taken on March 7th :) Oh I guess you people already know about this because I've updated last few weeks ago :) But hell yeah, I'm only telling what happened on March in my life :) If we ever meet again March, I'll try to make it harder to create at least a memory :)

Secondly, The day when I turned to be 18 this year was on March 16th . I'm sorry for not telling you guys but hey, you can always ask :) Yes my birthday is on March 16th and I'm 18 NOW so no one can stop me to watch 18sx movies okay xD HAHAH . Truth be told that, I could hardly believe I am 18 now. 18? OH MY everything's all up to me now. I'm not saying that I'm big enough to make my very own decision, but I need to train myself with the current environment. And yes, I'm waiting for University life to come. Although I'm still a noob it doesn't mean I don't know a single about University ;)

Let's move the butt on :P . Okay this I guess this is the point where I will never forget about it, maybe. The day when I received my SPM result. Oh I'm terribly sorry for not updating about that! but I can tell my result here. Nothing to be proud of okay. Have a moment to look :)

1. Bahasa Melayu - A
2. Bahasa Inggeris - A+
3. Pendidikan Islam - A-
4. Sejarah - A+
5. Matematik - B+ 
6. Matematik Tambahan - C+
7. Fizik - C+
8. Kimia - C+
9. Biologi - B 

Briefly, I got 4A2B3C . Not as good as straight As student but that is my final result and cannot be changed anymore. It's okay. SPM is not the end point. I'm going to struggle in University and just you wait xD
Speaking of University, I've made the only one choice that, I want to further my studies with Tourism. Why is that? The first reason would be I love travelling and secondly, I've always wanted to be a tourist guide ;)

There's too many incidents on March in my life but I don't think I can list them one by one here so this is the final point today. Those incidents I've listed above were the most memorable and I would never forget about that ;) And lastly, thanks for reading and may we meet again :) See ya!