Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Selamat tinggal SPM dan Sekolah ~

Assalamualaikum wahai warga Blog sekalian? Apa khabar ya awak semua? Dah tentu lah korang faham kan kenapa aku update latest topic ni? OK. Biar aku meningkah dulu sebelum perbicaraan bermula. "SELAMAT TINGGAL SPM! GOODBYE SPM!" haha. Aku tak berapa berani nak sebut Selamat tinggal sekolah dengan happy nya, sebab aku tahu juga satu hari nanti aku pasti akan rindu sekolah semula. Nak buat macam mana lagi kan? Masa dah tiba, so bergerak je lah dari sekarang. Susah nak terima hakikat yang aku ni sebenarnya dah habis sekolah. Hari ni, 30 November 2011, kebanyakan pelajar yang ambik jurusan Sains Tulen dah pun berjaya tamatkan sesi beban dengan buku. Maknanya dah habis sekolah juga lah. Jujur nak cakap, Paper BIOLOGY tadi memang susah gila nak mati. No doubt. hmm. Banyak careless mistakes tapi dah terlambat pun. So, lupakan jelah. Sekarang ni cuma mampu doa doa doa dan DOA sahaja :) . Plan lepas SPM? Sudah semestinya nak HANG OUT sana sini. Merayau sana sini sampai bosan. Haha. Plan lepas SPM ni memang banyak, tapi aku cuma boleh merancang, yang menentukan nya, Allah swt jelah. Harap semua yang aku rancang dapat jadi kenyataan. Amin. Ok. balik pada topik, Apa perasaan lepas SPM? Of course la kan rasa happy seronok excited semua. Sebabnya beban yg dipikul selama ni macam dah lenyap macam tu je. Semua yg terjadi dekat sekolah dapat diukir sebagai kenangan je. Dah takde lagi pakai baju sekolah, bangun awal-awal pagi, jalan kaki ke sekolah, duduk dalam kelas tengok cikgu mengajar, jumpa cikgu-cikgu yang sporting. Hidup lepas SPM ni, aku tahu memang lagi banyak cabang apatah lagi cabaran kan? Kenalah siap sedia dari sekarang ni. Oh kejap, aku tahu sebelum ni aku banyak buat dosa dekat sekolah. Setiap pelajar pun sama je. Memang akan buat kesilapan kan? hehe. Secara officialnya, Aku bukan lagi budak sekolah. So, Thanks for everything SMK PUCHONG PERDANA :)

Sekolah, kepada yg belum habis sekolah. teruskan perjuangan anda. Perjalanan saya di sekolah telah tamat. terbuku dalam album kenangan je :)

Monday, 28 November 2011

'They were hugging each other"

This story has NO RELATION to my family at all. I was so boring, so I created this :)

      It happened a few weeks ago when I had the very last Kitkat in front of my television. The television was on while I was eating a bar of kitkat gracefully. For once, I've felt the exultant because that was my 'chocolate day'. As far as I could remember, I've never had a lot of chocolates in my stomach only in a day. Utterly, I felt super duper bloated. I ended up turning off the television and I went upstairs into my small room. As if I had a bigger room like my parents. Sigh. I stared at my biology book for a long moment and then my mom was calling me to go along with her to the nearest market. "I should've studied." I whispered to myself.

     It took about 20 minutes for us to arrive at the market. As we were entering the big market along the street walk, my mom reminded of taking one trolley for the sake of carrying the stuffs. So I went looking for the trolley here and there and I finally found one nearest to the entrance. Then, I brought it to my mom. She just gave a nice smile. While mom was looking and selecting the dishes for our dinner tonight, she asked me, 'Do you think papa will eat ambrosia?' . I turned my head to my mom and made a thought for a moment. I shrugged then I told my mother, 'mom, you know what's best for him. I am very sure' and I smiled a little. So mom decided to buy the dishes she wanted.

     we managed to finish buying the items at the market just after we had a cup of cornetto McFlurry bought at the Mcdonalds. While were on our way to the car, I realised that mom bought a bar of cadberry. I knew it wasn't for me, because mom knew that I adore Kitkat more. We reached our home sharp at 4pm and I was being told to help my mom cooking afterwards. I accidentally nodded then quickly shook my head showing the sign that I had no interest to cook. Actually, I wanted to study because my examination was just around the corner. I was not sure if my mom felt so sad but I found her preparing the dinner gently. Maybe she wanted to make something different for our dinner, or maybe she wanted to arrange a candlelight dinner for her and papa?

     I went upstairs and lazily sauntered my room because I have to study. What to do? If I failed this exam, I wouldn't be able to get my license. So I studied Biology for 1 hour and a half and like usual, I had a lot of daydreams rather than studying. Well, I got to admit that daydreaming is my daily routine. I made myself a quick revision on Biology since I didn't really like this subject. But for once, I found it interesting because I seemed like the chapter of reproduction. Pervert much? A few minutes later, I sensed the homecoming of my father. I just ignored it and continued doing my revision.

     Something echoed in my ear. I wondered where the voice came from and I suddenly realised it came from downstairs. 'You call this a great candlelight dinner!?' . Papa shouted to my mother very loudly. I took my steps to downstairs but then I stuck in middle of my way because I was a bit scared to go to the scene. I heard again my father voiced out 'if you don't know how to cook, just don't cook at all! This is the worst meal I've ever tasted!' I went back into my room and locked it. I was wondering why Papa did such a thing towards Mom. I was not feeling so okay. My mind was so disordered but then I tried to chill myself up. I heard a loud blows of the door. I was very sure that was what my father did. I went looking for my mom and I saw her crying and cleaning the table. I knew my father ruined it. I asked my mother kindly how all this could happened and my mom replied to me 'Never mind, just go upstairs darling. I'll clean all this'. I followed my mom's instruction straight away.

     The next day, I had to go to school since it was Monday. I made preparations for myself and when I was all ready, I went downstairs to have the early breakfast. I had two pieces of biscuits and a cup of tea. I should be having at least a bowl of oat for my daily breakfast. I knew why but I didn't care. I went to the kitchen after all the breakfast has finished and my mom was there. I gave her a hug to before I went to school. Then, I could hear the sense of my father. I looked at him but my mom was too sad till she didn't even look at my father's face. I withdrew myself to the living room because I knew that my father wanted to settle up the things happened yesterday. Silently, I peeked them from the living room. My father was standing up straight 180 degree and he apologised my mother. Mom didn't do anything and kept being quite. I knew how misery she was that time. Till my father took my mom's hand and ask forgiveness from her and my mom cried with all of a sudden. My father hugged my mother to calm her from crying all the time and it showed that my father still loves my mom. Mom just nodded showing the sign of the  forgiveness from my father was accepted. The fight has ended when they were hugging each other. I thanked god.

Foot note: I know the story doesn't fascinate you. But hey, thanks for reading this sucky story. 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Awkward moment.

Ah well, A very good morning to all of you. A pleasant day, isn't it? :) . Since I've been awaken early in the dawn, I've got nothing to do and here I am to share awkward moments in this typical morning. Just to refresh myself. Have fun :)

1. The awkward moment when you're proclaiming that he/she is your crush in any social website, then he/she realises that and notifies you. 

2. The awkward moment when you're mentioning about someone else, and then the other person gets the irritation. The heck! I'm not saying it is you, kiddo.

3. The awkward moment when you're singing out loud with the volume turns on so high, then your father approaches you to talk with you.

4. The awkward moment when you get a message telling that he/she wants to ask you something. Wonder why?

5. The awkward moment when you're listening to "super bass" and dancing cheerfully but then you only notice that your neighbours are staring at what you're doing.

6. The awkward moment when you're showering in your bathroom happily, but your towel is left outside. Oh.. haha

7. The awkward moment when you're looking your self face in the mirror, and your eyes are aiming on the pimples and acnes. Blast it all!

8. The awkward moment when you're having the excitement of something because somebody's telling you to share something. but then he/she says, "nothing" 

9. The awkward moment when you're studying Math at one night, but the actual thing is, Addmath exam is tomorrow. Ohh crap this !

10. The awkward moment when you're so boring and you find the fact that this topic is boring as well. "thanks for wasting my time" . haha.

K I guess that's all. and sorry for being ridiculous. haha see ya! :)

Thursday, 24 November 2011

So, this is my first goodbye ~

Yeah, I guess I have to POINT the goodbye miserably to Additional Mathematics, I'm not saying that I hate you, NO! It's just that I have a major problem with you. The saddest, I don't know if we'll be seeing again Addmath. Sorry for ignoring you for almost everyday. Hehh? Why am I admitting such thing? Because There's no more Tonnes of formulaes need to memorise. Haha. Like I told you earlier, I'm not hating Addmath, Okay I'm shrugging now. But thanks to god, I could manage to answer a few questions peacefully but I couldn't manage my time properly. Well, that was paper 2, Additional Mathematics. The time given was truly insufficient. And all I could do was, settling all the problems as fast as possible. Oh yeah, there were still a few questions I hadn't answered yet. Too bad, the time didn't let me to continue my very last journey with you, Addmath. See, I told you I'm not hating Addmath, although I've had enough with it. I still couldn't accept the fact that the time given to us was REALLY insufficient. Addmath, you came all the way to my life and now you stopped at the last point here. Thanks. Thanks to Pn Faridah, Pn Fatmahanim and last but not least, Pn Saayah. Thank god I could answer peacefully. And at no different time, Physics left me as well. I may feel sleepy when Pn Norliza's teaching, but truth to be told, I love physics no matter how odd or cranky the subject is. Physics is not the best but I could still deal with it. Not saying that I am very sure to get an A+ . I'm just aiming an A- not more or less. Please god, I'm begging you. My very own mistake stating that Addmath and Physics are the two killer subjects of all. They have left me now. Maybe forever? I won't be taking Science anymore since I have no interest with them. All I want is good results for my parents in about NOT less than 6A's. Apart from that, Thanks Pn Norliza for teaching physics :) . Well, Goodbye Physics, Goodbye Addmath. You both have come to the last point :) . Chemistry and Biology are going to hit next week. 

So long :')

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Is it too late?

Sorry for the late update! Been very busy all this while. Yes, you know why so don't ever ask! Haha. The first week of exam has finished. Another two week to go! It's actually 5 days only. Only the gaps between a subject to another make it to be much more longer. So yeah, The first 4 exams were Bahasa Melayu, English, Sejarah and Mathematics. Those subjects were just okay. I couldn't say the questions were easy as well as hard. Because there were easy and hard questions prepared for us. So, I'd better say it was not easy or hard though. Forget it all... The upcoming papers are next week. Only Pendidikan Islam, Additional Mathematics(OHMYGOODNESS) and Physics. I don't wanna feel any excitement or anxiety of this exam. I just want to finish all papers as fast as possibile! Heeee. That's all folks. Sorry, I'm quite busy loafing around with books. Thanks. Gebye!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Moment....

Good Morning and a very good day guys! Wake up now! It's already 7am and you should be going to..... eh? It's our day off in Malaysia :D . Hehe. What are you guys up to today? Since today is Sunday, let's have a break with quotes written by myself! No Copyrights from either anywhere or anyone.  It's not actually quotes. I don't know how to explain it here. Haha. Just go through and read it! :)

1. The moment when you suddenly wake up from a very nice sleeping and then you realise that it's only 2am. 
Wahhh..... Best feeling ever! 

2. The moment when you're sleeping, and something hit you accidentally. What on earth is that thing!

3. The moment when you're happily writing a new entry to your blog, but then your Google Chrome starts to crashed. Oh damn it!

4. The moment when you're watching your favourite show on youtube, but then the internet connection suddenly messes with you. CRAP it! T_T

5. The moment when you're so focus to your laptop and you laugh with a little smile on it. It makes your parents think you're watching porn. So speechless.

6. The moment when you're being so confident typing by using a keyboard and then you only realise that too many typos here and there. Ahh whatever!

7. The moment when you're chatting with someone you adore on facebook, but then he/she signs out his/her facebook without telling you. How could you...... :(

8. The moment when you're tweeting so happily but then you are being limited by twitter. WTH you twitter!

9. The moment when you're reading this entry and you don't even know what I am talking about. Are you being ridiculous?

Hehee.. Yes, I am being ridiculous since I have nothing to do at this time. So in conclusion, don't get mad xD . See ya!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Salam Aidiladha :)

Assalamualaikum and A very good day to all of you :) . How have you been all this while? Haha. You'd be okay without me all the time, I knew that :P . So yeah, it's already November 5th. What? I ain't talking about SPM. No No and NOOO! Here I am just to wish to all muslims in the universe, Happy Eid Adha :) . Who's fasting today? If you don't, It's a waste for you I guess? Speaking of Adha, We'll be celebrating it tomorrow and of course. Holidayyyyy! Anyone gets any duit raya? Please be nice to me and give some to me. Only if you're not stingy. Hehhe. Guess that's all for today. Again, happy Eid Adha :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A few days.

Oh baby Blog. I've been very busy these days and quite lazy as well >< . Hahah. Since today is November 2, I'm not late yet to wish, Goodbye October and Hello November :D ! Oh November please be nice to me because I don't want every single thing messes me up. And yes, a few days to go as I highlighted it as a topic today. I'm leaving my blog for awhile doesn't mean I'll be ignoring it forever. NO! I'll return someday don't worry :) . It's just that, I am nervous and yet, I could feel the fear of exam these days. I don't know why. Should I be talking about SPM? Haha maybe I should because I actually don't have the mood to study right now. Hee. Just to calm my mind shortly. Talking about SPM, I'm leaving my facebook for a month and I'll be back on November 30. That will be the last day for me to wear uniform in school and for goodness sake, I'll be leaving my own school in just a month! It's one unexpected moment for me! The school, maybe it doesn't mean a lot to me but I mean a lot to school! HAHA get it? I'll be missing my school and THAT'S FOR SURE! Well, Time to grow up now :D . Haha I am a graduated student of SMK Puchong Perdana now :) . Nothing's left except SPM. Wish me all the best! :)