Friday, 24 February 2012

I conquer everything ! :)

1 2 3 4 5. Boom! Let's get started fellers! :) So here I am back using English for the whole topic today. I did say that I miss using English and successfully it made me smile. In return, I am smiling back again :) heheh. I am not going to type a whole lot, but let's just see :P Get back to the topic :) So what's with conquer? What do I conquer? Anybody knows? No. okay. Haha. The title seems to be a bit tricky I guess. Practically, I conquer this blog! Oh yeah! Hahah no. I virtually conquer my current job. Yes as a night market boy, I conquer everything to handle. I did say that I sold "Nasi Kerabu" didn't I? :) But I am not selling it any longer. My boss told me last few weeks ago to sell "Nasi Kukus" and "Nasi Lemak Kukus" . Oh I freaking forgot that I am posting about my current career now. K that's ridiculous :P hahah. I was told to sell that and yes, I'll be selling them both till I quit being a night market boy. Do you think selling those meals is easy? Not that easy when you don't have the ability to pack them. Even I myself still need improvements -.- How do I adapt myself to the surrounding people? Tell you what, I always encounter with problems related to puzzlement. It confuses me everytime people want to change their needs there. One wants to have this. Another needs this. Oh yes, it happens when a bunch of people overrun my stall. In fact, I need an assistant to lend me hands so that I wouldn't be as exhausted as I always been before. Speaking of assistant, can I have someone to help me? I wish my boss would understand me anyhow. Hehe. I love the fact that when I'm doing my work, like packing the meal, I never think of anything else at all. Haha I focus more to do my work. But I hate the fact that I am always exposed to the oil splashes and it does fascinate my mouth to say curse words! -.- What's with oil splashes? Does it distract your mind to know? :P Haha ok I'll let you know. I am not only packing meals, but I fry chickens as well :) Hahha that's the reason I hate being exposed to hot oil. Let's look at some photos here :)

So I look at those stuffs everytime I work :P

not me frying the chickens there :P 

I think this is the point where I have to stop my topic. Sorry for the nonsense topic today -_- Haha.  We'll be seeing next time, if God wills it :) see ya! 

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