Thursday, 29 September 2011

"that was the happiest moment in my life"

Yeah, you already know by looking at the base title. It's a story! Haha gotta tell all of you a story of my essay.
By the way, this is my trial essay :) . HAHA just to share here. have fun!

     I was born in a very rich family. My dad works as a very famous lecturer. As far as I know, my dad's salary is quite a lot but it doesn't fascinate me much. I, Georgio Fernandez. People always say that I have a charming face although I already know that by looking at the mirror. I have a lot of money. I'm not working but my dad gives a lot to me everyday. Too bad, I'm always not satisfied with what I already have.

     Here I am a student of one of the top schools in my area. At school, many students especially the girls want to my be friends. But I am not interested at all because none of them is as rich as I am. I know that they all really want to be my friends just because I have money. Sometimes I whispered, "I'm not even working. I'm jobless!! And yet, I'm still a high school student!"

     Surrounding people influenced me to be so proud of myself. Till now, I am known as an arrogant guy. Yes, I admit it but who cares? People have their own rights to judge merely with what they see. That's my opinion. I too, have my own right to choose someone to be my true friend. Deep inside, I am actually a loner. Nobody knows that. I don't have many students like other students in my school.

     Something has changed me all this while. One day, I sat for an important exam to further my studies. I thought I was doing fine with all the papers but I failed them! I failed in all subjects and that made me feel even worse. I was feeling extremely shocked! Shocked with the results. It was a fiasco to me. When I approached someone, he shooed me away. What have I done? Was I being too arrogant towards them or the failure I had making them to hate me very much? If I could, I want to ask forgiveness from all of them. I realised I was so arrogant of myself. The camaraderie among people in my school obviously made me jealous. Truth to be told, I've been jealous all this while.

     God has sent his gift and He left me a secret wisdom. There was a new student in my class and he is now sitting beside me. He once said he wanted to be my friend and I accepted him sincerely. I call him Didi because he wanted me to call him by that nickname. He taught me a lot about friendship. Not only that, he taught me the meaning of a real life. I realised the way he behaved towards me was totally different. He made me think of my mistakes I've done to people. Yes, being too arrogant will leave you thing and I have to stop the bad behaviour from now on.

     Today onwards, I will always appreciate the things I have including my true friend. The moment when Didi appeared in my life has changed me. I thank god for giving him to me. That was the happiest moment in my life.

Well, I've no comments. It's all to you.
hehe Thanks :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It will come soon.

I don't feel like blogging today but my mood eagerly tells me to create a new post. It's been awhile I guess. I should have spent a couple of minutes but I couldn't make it. Unfortunately. haha. Okay, So what will post today? I'm not gonna tell the whole story but I wanna share how my emotions worked today. You know, I was given a "form" and it has to be filled. I'm done with it. So what's the use of it? Tell you what, it needs to be filled because I have to hand in to my form teacher, so yeah, it's for my certificate. Oops, it's a "school leaving certificate" HAHA. Just look at it.
So this is the main part to be fillled.
Yeah I have to hide my ID due to safety. Of course right? As you can see there, there are a lot of stuffs to write. Wait, there's more!

Tell you what, I ran to catch all the teachers just because I need their signatures. What a tiring day. The last teacher to sign was Pn Hazsah. I was looking for her around the school but do you know where was she? She WAS only in the LAB. sighhhh. I was sweating all over my body. yucks? haha. 
You know what, when I was filling the form, suddenly it brings back my memories when I was in lower forms. Haha. A lot has changed. and sometimes, this reminds me about SPM. I keep thinking over over and over. 48 DAYS to go and afterwards, School's life will go away FOREVER. Sighhhh
How I miss my lower forms memories.
To SPM students, it's not too early and it's not too late to wish. All the best for the last exam! we all gotta give the best shot as much as we can! Go for it :)
Thanks ;)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Would you be my girlfriend ?

Haha Ok, would you be my girlfriend? Sounds like I'm desperate to have a girlfriend. No way mannnnn, I can always find one on my own. Yeah that's for sure :) . You know what, since I'm a bit busy with my stuffs here. I don't enough have time to spend with Blog. I'm sorry. and would you forgive me? The title is about girlfriend. So guys, or Lesbians? HAHA xD . How will your girlfriend(s) be? Pretty? Sweet? Romantic? Mannnn, Boyfriend should be the romantic one. Look at that,
Yes this is Taylor Swift
Gotcha! I bet many of you want a pretty girl like her. I BET ! haha. Even I myself couldn't hold to see the beauty of her xD . Hehe . Oh ya, speaking of Taylor Swift, I adore her very much. Why? Because she's friggin' pretty! That's the main answer :D . I hope Taylor Swift hates Justin Bieber :P . Hehe sorry . Ok that's all. I can't stay any longer here. Now I'll leave with this song =) . Enjoy it!

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Based on the title, I'm gonna use my mother toungue language today. Sorry, I'm using English doesn't mean I'm not patriotic. Ok let's get started.

Assalamualaikum wbt semua warga Blog. Jawab ya jangan tak jawab salam tu. hehe. Sebelum tu, maaf dipinta sebab guna bahasa pasar je kat sini. Tak reti nak guna bahasa BAKU. hehe. Hari ni aku nak menerbitkan kisah pasal apa yang berlaku semalam. Nak update blog tak sempat pulak semalam sebab penat  yang amat. Tanggal 17 September 2011, aku yang bernama Aqashah *ayat takleh blah telahpun menyertai satu seminar yang tersangatlah hebat. Seminar apa? Seminar PECUTAN MAKSIMUM. Tersangatlah seronok semalam. Gelak, senyum, malu-malu sampai menangis pun ada tau.

   Seminar ni buat dekat Masjid Negara. Aku ingat sampai petang je. Rupanya sampai pukul 10.30 MALAM. Balik tu aku terus tidur. hahaha dah tau la kan sebab apa :P . hehe. Apa yang menarik dengan program ni? OK biar aku cerita dari awal sampai akhir, tu pun kalau aku mampu. Awal pagi aku dah kena bangun. Bersiap jela macam biasa, tapi pakaian aku takde la biasa sangat. hehe. Sampai sana terus berdaftar. Berapa ramai yang join ni tak silap aku ada la dalam 121 orang. Ramai la jugak. Hari ni jugak la aku dapat member kat situ. Macam2 negeri turur serta. Tapi apa yang aku ingat, member yang aku rapat semalam nama dia AIMAN, SURIA ISKANDAR. *weh kalau korang baca jangan marah eh :P . Sorang lagiaku tak ingat siaa nama dia.  Dari pagi sampai petang belajar je. yang bestnya waktu sejarah la. Tetiba mengantuk sebabnya aku menguap berapa kali entah. Malam tu tau tak aku buat apa lepas solat maghrib? Orang semua solat hajat aku pegi toilet dengan member yang aku tak ingat nama tu. OK dah ingat! Ikmal kot nama dia? haha. Aiman pun tak solat hajat. teman aku pegi toilet! HAHAHA. Sorry kalau kau baca ni. Sebelum aku lupa. Ada slot pasal LDK. Kejamnya semua budak kumpulan aku Form 3 weh. Aku je yang Form 5. Nak taknak aku yang dipaksa jadi ketua kumpulan. Tapi ok la budak Form 3 tu semua boleh kamcing jugak. Tapi sorang pun aku taktau nama. haha berlari sana sini sampai berpeluh kot. haihh, baik sangat kau duduk belakang pahal aqashah? Dah buat pandai tanggung la. Okay slot terakhir, slot yang terbaik ni sebab ada gabungan Ustaz Wan Akashah dengan Ustazah Siti Nur Bahyah. Sebab apa terbaik? Sebab Ustazah Siti Nur Bahyah berjaya buat aku menitiskan air mata lepas apa yang beliau cerita semua. Ustazah suruh semua peserta bangun cari ibu ayah. Aku bangun aku cari ayah aku terus then peluk dan akhirnya menangis. Tapi sayangnya mak aku tak datang. Ayah aku cakap tak sihat. So takpela aku faham. Kalau mak aku ada sekali memang dah sah aku MENANGIS HABIS2 kat situ jugak. Difikirkan balik, terlalu banyak dosa dan khilaf yang aku lakukan kat mak ayah aku. Lagi-lagi dengan mak aku sendiri. Banyak sangat dosa aku buat. hmm. Last sekali, dapat bergambar la jugak dengan Ustaz Wan Akashah tu. Dengan Ustazah tak dapat. Perempuan semua serbu nak bergambar.
Dr kiri, Aqashah, Ustaz Akashah, SURIA last sekali AIMAN. terima kasih teman aku semalam =)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Happy Malaysia Day .

So it's been about 54 years peninsular Malaysia has freed from colonialists. The day 31st of August is the most meaningful day for every Malaysians here. The first colonial was Portuguese followed by Dutch and British and lastly, Japan. But today, Malaysians live together in a harmonious country.
So what's with Malaysia day? Let me tell you a lil bit.

"Malaysia day is held on 16 September to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date on 1963. It mark the joining together of Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak to form MALAYSIA.."

Fact from Wikipedia.

Now you know how meaningful the date for every Malaysians. I, represent the residents in my country would be so glad to live in Malaysia after all the hard works that our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-haj had made. Without him, I don't think every Malaysians could feel the independence.

I represent my school would like to share what was happening there. Yes, it WAS really happening. Malays, Chinese and Indians were all joint the council today. We celebrated both RAYA and MERDEKA day.

this was how we celebrated the day along with RAYA =)

Malay, Chinese, Indian and other races will all celebrate the day tomorrow! Happy Malaysia Day, oh my country! I love you :) .

With that, I end the topic today with this song . :)


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Toughest thing..?

As the title asked you, so what's the toughest moment you've ever faced? 

*Is it being ignored by someone you like?
*Is it making bad deeds all the time and you don't know what actually repent is?
*Is it getting into a battlefield and fight hard to win?

A lot of answers can be written here. So what's yours? Sharing is caring xD . 
Okay, today I have one story to tell. Once upon a time... eh? Haha I'm not treating you guys with that. sorry :P .
Do you know what number is? what a stupid question? Okay, do you know what ADDMATH is? Yes, the answer will always be YES, and it is a subject. WAIT, what's the relation with the based topic actually? Let me tell you first yeap. As you guys know, ADDMATH is simply easy. haha just to those experts. To me, IT IS NOT! Now and forever it will never be easy to me and there's no other way to ease it. I do like numbers. But when I first met with addmath last year, I feel like " Ohh my what is this? " . I feel like hating numbers now. wanna know how hard addmath is? Take a minute to figure out.

Yes, this is the myterious MATH. I approved that xD

Ok sorry to keep you waiting. Now I'm telling you the reason why I wrote about addmath today. EASY, because I sat two papers of ADDMATH today and the questions were all like WTF mannn ! I never felt the hardest and toughest moment to answer the questions. it was about 5 hours 30 minutes I've been with addmath today. I'm not sure whether I'll pass it or not. Sorry to say but Addmath and me are not meant to be together. Guess that's enough. Thanks for reading although the topic are not as interesting as you thought xD 

Monday, 12 September 2011

You say..?

You may say it's weird but I say it's UNIQUE ;) . YES ! 

1. If you can do this, I swear I'll laugh out LOUD. xD

2. Shame on you guys. Even this old woman can fight you with her karate xD

3. Oh yes, it's a face. Ehh, CORRECTION! it's a face of a buttock xD . AHAHA

 4. BEWARE. The face is always sneaking you when you're in the toilet xD

5. Do you mind if I wrote this below? <--- actually what's the point I wrote this here?

6. Okay kitty, you're under arrest xD.
    Kitten : Hands up xD

WELL, that's the uniqueness I can share today. hahaha Let's hope for more xD
See ya!

xD !

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Let's get started !

Sense of my coming back? Yeah let's get started by now. Here I am to share something stupid? Haha I guess so. Let see if you can go on with the quotes listed below. Even I myself couldn't really get how the quotes work.

1. Do not argue with an idiot. he will drag you down to his level and beat you with his experience. 
2. Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd BETTER  have a good hand. xD
3. War does not determine who is RIGHT - only who is LEFT . (get it?)
4. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
5. A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station...
6. " I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you "

Story moment.
     A man walks into a jewelery store to buy his girlfriend and engagement ring. Looking behind the glass case, he comes across an exquisite band with a handsome-sized rock in its center.

"Excuse me sir," the gentleman says to the salesman. "how much is this ring?"
"Ah, that's a beautiful piece" the salesman replies. "it goes for $10,000"
"my Goodness!" The man exclaimed.
"That's a lot of money!" "Yes, but a diamond is forever!"
"Perhaps!", the gentleman replied, "but my marriage won't last that long!"

Two Blondes at the bus stop.

Blonde 1 : Which number are you waiting for?
Blonde 2 : The number 3. And you?
Blonde 1 : The number 5.
A couple of minutes go by and a bus number 53 pulls up.
Blonde 2 : Oh look, we both can take this one.

This is for the beginning . Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Missed me? I miss you too.

So yeah, as usual and as my greeting to y'all, Hey ! This is my coming back. I've been leaving my old Blog and I'm back to be a blogger. I find it difficult to edit everything here and I did all stuffs in a rush. Haha sorry for the ugliness in my page. Can I say just say that, I'm new to blog? You'll approve it I know. Haha. And yes, I'll be using both English and Malay here. This is all I can say for the first and 'worst' time. haha Welcome back of myself! 
So Glad if I were missed !! ><