Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Trending topic.

You are pleased to say Hello to me back since I used to say that to all of you every time I create a new post :P Hehe. So we meet again in my official page. Woooo. So what's with trending topic or the shortform is TT ? I'll tell anyhow. TT is one of the important things on social website called Twitter. I am very sure you guys know what Twitter is :) . What are you waiting for? FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! Haha :D Desperate much. K let's get started to the topic back. Today, one of the trending topics is #1factaboutme . Indeed, I'm going to tell all of you here so that you'll know me better :P . Here we go!

1. #1factaboutme , You have to know that I love eating very much. Weee~

2. #1factaboutme , I love reading but when it comes to studying, The mood to read will go away. :P

3. #1factaboutme , My favourite colour is exactly purple :D

4. #1factaboutme , I love KitKat. Don't ask why 'cause I simply like it .

5. #1factaboutme , When I wake up in the morning, the first thing that I would probably do is, staring at the clock, "oh it's still early. go to sleep back" xD

6. #1factaboutme , I like repeating the same song on Youtube again again and again. Well, even any other teenagers do this right? ;D

7. #1factaboutme , I am going to be 18 next year, 2012 O.O How fast time flies nowadays~

8. #1factaboutme , When I go out to anywhere, My eyes tend to look here and there to peek somebody who has a cute face ;D

9. #1factaboutme , I don't like counting. NO, I'm saying I don't like it. I don't hate it. Don't get me wrong :)

10. #1factaboutme , I love creating quotes for someone :) . What kind of quotes? It can be anything. If you would like to know, send me a request :D .

K, all I conclude is, 10facts above are like my current habits. See ya 'gain! 

Friday, 23 December 2011


As you look at the topic tonight, you must have known that I didn't have any good idea create a good topic. But don't worry I'll post about awkward moment again :) . Oh yes, you may ask why I always write about such things. Let me answer the unsolved question here. I just want to share how my mind works how, and I want people to have fun in my page. So here we go ~ :)

1. The awkward moment when you find yourself hard to solve a Math question and then you ask your friend to help you. In the end the question is actually easy to solve. Like what -_-

2. The awkward moment when you eagerly want to study for the upcoming exam, but then your favourite movie, or show is on air. So, which one will you choose? ;)

3. The awkward moment when your friend invite you to a party, but you don't have a new dress to go. ohh never mind use the same dress again ;D

4. The awkward moment when you go to a shopping mall to look for something and you finally found what you wanted, but you forgot to bring your money. oh shit -.-

5. The awkward moment when you bought a meal from Pizza Hut and your friend brought you to Domino along with your Pizza Hut. xD

6. The awkward moment when you say yes if your mom asks you to do this and that but deep in your heart you say NO.

7. The awkward moment when you sing a song in a car with your friends, you confidently sing with them but your voice is like..........

8. The awkward moment when your friend calls you to keep him/her company to a public toilet -_-

9. The awkward moment when you are super lazy to do anything then your mood to study comes all of a sudden. Lol?

10. The awkward moment when you go into a library to study and there's a free public internet. Oh let's log into my facebook first. I want to update a new status. Like WTH? Haha.

K that's all for tonight. I realise that's not too much for you but that's all I can share :) Thanks.

Hi there cousins !

Hi there people, the last post I did say that I would post a new topic about my cousin but I didn't right? So here I am to say sorry :) . I was so busy going here and there. Apart form that, I went to somewhere which I couldn't recall the name of that place. haha shame on me! So what's with my cousins? Let me start from the first. My cousin is here since he followed along my auntie to her house and I was being told that he had to come to my house because both my auntie and uncle will be going to their office on public days. So he spent two weeks in my house. the first day was just okay 'cause I brought him to IOI to watch Breaking Dawn. Not to forget, he is only 13 years-old. Quite younger than me? Yes he is. The next week, our auntie took us to her home and now here I am blogging about it. I am leaving Puchong for a while and I am here in Kota Damansara. I meet the other cousins too. They are Nadhrah, Umair and Ameera. Nadhrah and Umair are only 6 years-old and 2 years-old while Ameera is 19 years-old. Should I tell more about Ameera? Hehe :P . Okay, she's currently studying at UPM taking Health Science I guess? Sorry if I were wrong Meera :P . Truth to be told, I had such a great time with them :) . 

So they are my cousins from paternal :) . I learnt how to deal with kids here because I don't have a younger sibling. Not to forget, they are my cousins from Johor Bahru :D . I will meet my other cousins today and tomorrow as far as I know. My December is full with cousins! haha.
That's all I can say :) Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sorry Sorry

Oh hi readers there! Sorry I've been missing for such a long period of time. I know I should have posted something different or something new but I just I couldn't. I am not in my place, So I don't really have the time to spend on blog. here I am to post awkward moment again :) . So yeah, have fun again! I'll be posting about my cousins tonight :) . enjoy this post first! :D

1. The awkward moment when you're happily awake from a very nice sleeping, and you take a walk to the mirror. "AHH THERE'S A NEW PIMPLE!" . I know how it feels like.

2. The awkward moment when you're messaging with someone and the person replies like you have to wait for a thousand of years!

3. The awkward moment when you're so confident to call someone, you take a short look at his/her name on the contact list but in the end you call the wrong person.

4. the awkward moment when there's a person who calls your name, but actually the person calls his/her friend who has the same name with you.

5. the awkward moment when your exam result is coming out tomorrow and you feel like dying. Oh goshh! All the best to PMR-ers!

6. The awkward moment when you're waiting for someone to call you to say something, but in return your ex calls you.

7. The awkward moment when you want to go out with your buddies but it's raining heavily outside. Oh weather please be ncie to me T_T

8. The awkward moment when you give a narrow look to laptop's screen for a few minutes. Well that's just me.

9. The awkward moment when you have the excitement to post a new story but when sign in to your blog, your mind is blank. DAMN -.-

10. The awkward moment when you say how boring you are today but you're watching tv, the laptop is on, a lot of snacks are in front of you. Get a life please?

Well, I'll post more tonight :) don't worry. and Thanks for reading this post. ge-baii fellers! :D

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Feeling Awkward?

So hello we meet again with a new post :) . I feel so lifeless now. Why? Because I'm extremely bored and I have nothing to do since I've finished SPM last week. I should have started working today but I couldn't make it. My cousin is here and so I got to keep him company. Awkward moment again for today :) K just have fun here. here we go!

1. The awkward moment when someone is looking at your phone while you're typing something to your friend.

2. The awkward moment when your cousin is here and he conquers everything in your room. "hello, this is my room!"

3. The awkward moment when you suddenly forgot what you want to post for a new topic in a blog.

4. The awkward moment when you just finished hitting the shower and you're back tweeting with your towel on, or maybe naked? xD

5. The awkward moment when you have no underwear to be used today and you end up using the same underwear :D

6. The awkward moment when you have nothing to do after exam. How lifeless you are today.

7. The awkward moment when your daily habits are eating, sleeping, surfing the internet. "ok I'm getting fatter" .

8. The awkward moment when you're so bored, and you keep looking at screen for so long.

9. The awkward moment when you don't get any message if you have a lot of credits but in return, you receive a lot of messages if you have insufficient credit.

10. The awkward moment when you're out topic and you are not creative enough to post an interesting topic. In the end, nobody reads your post x) .

Hehe. Well, I guess that's all. Sorry for not being creative today. ge-baiii :D

Friday, 2 December 2011


So yeah here I am to say, all the best 5 'Best'ari-ans! We won't be living in the same class anymore. One will go there, another one will go here. And of course, I bet some of my classmates are looking for part-time job before SPM result officially comes out on about at the end of february. My teacher told about it and I was like "Way too early?" . K forget it. It was yesterday when all 5 Bestari students had such an awesome mini reunion. Where it happened? Students in my 'EX' school may know. So yeah, proudly saying that this event happened to be at the IOI MALL. That's the nearest :) . Like last year reunion of 4 Amanah. We had our lunch at Pizza Hut. Nadia and I came late actually because I didn't want to be there so soon. Couldn't say more. I love you 5 bestari '11 :)

Why I am not in the picture? Because I ain't photoholic anymore. Hehe..
K see ya! :)