Friday, 28 September 2012

It's about how we met.

This is the story between us. It all began when you took the first step to talk to me all the way, although it went on through only social place. I was amazed, and as well was captivated by your spontaneous attitude. Speechless was the only word that could describe me at the moment.

Let me begin with this ;

     It was overly dark till I couldn't even differentiate the size of my tiny pencil and my pen. I realised the electric current went off for I did not know the actual reason. As far as I could remember, I was rubbing my eyes slowly and then, I lazily got up and sauntered the bathroom with my phone just to have the little source of light. The steps to the bathroom were stopped because I heard Mom called my name and I went straight away to her. Mom asked me for a favour. She needed me to turn on the main switch of the 'electric box'. So I knew the reason why the electric current went off then I got back to my room and slept comfortably

     'I AM LATE!" I screamed to myself since I was late to attend my class and I rushed everything. I sadly whispered to myself, 'Mom why didn't you wake me up today?' but then I realised she had to leave me earlier because her boss needed her at the time. What a forgetful self, I bemoaned. I arranged all the books very quickly into my bag and made fast moves to wait for a bus. I took a quick glance to my watch and it was 8.30 am. "Phew I thought it was 9.30am'. I whispered again. A bus dropped by and luckily, there were not so many strangers in the bus.

     I arrived safely in my college sharp at 9.00 am. I was about to take an instant breakfast but with all of a sudden, my best buddy came by. "Dude, you look rather exhausted? Did you chase a dog?" Jeremy asked me. I knew he was only kidding and I shrugged and smiled a little. We walked to the class together around Taylors' University College. This is the most boring class ever till now, I hate economic. But as compared to Jeremy, he adores this subject very much. All the classes went smoothly and right after the last class ended, I asked Jeremy to keep me company to a mall. I wanted to buy something since yesterday.

     So it all happened here, in the mall where we met, where our eyes stared without blinking for even a second. Whenever Jeremy and I arrived at the mall, he needed badly to go to the toilet so I nodded my head, showing the sign that he could go. I did not like waiting so I took an errand in the mall. I went to Baskin Robin, wished to buy a scoop of it but on my second thought, I wanted Tutti Frutti and I slowly walked away from Baskin Robin. "DANGGG" someone hit me and she was a gal. All her books scattered on floor. I did not think much, I helped her directly after she hit me. Our hands accidentally touched when I tried to keep the books arranged. Our eyes stared at each other. The heart was beating so fast. I withdrew myself and asked for her apology for what had happened and she smiled then nodded. "That's fine" said her. She left me there and Jeremy came to me. "Dude, where were you?!" As always, Jeremy never stops making me laugh. Jeremyy saw the scene and he told me the girl is from our college. That was the moment, where I met her. be continued

This is not the full story :) I'll update more later on. Thanks for reading.