Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rivalry of Survivor.

Here I come back in action just to persuade people, please forgive me for letting go my blog for a few days. Not a few. Too many. My May 2012 seems to be a little bit worse or the greatest term is "Stressful + busy" . I had no idea. I went to rush everything I did recently. Or let's just say I didn't get enough rest (This is mainly due to sleep extremely late at after midnight) My daydreaming holidays are losing to their final point soon :) Honestly, I am a so-called or in-making student of Matriculation in the last week of May. Yes, to make it short, I will be admitted to Matriculation in Penang to further my study and thereby just to make earlier preparations prior to the degree programme. Is that short? Ah whatever haha. I will be studying there for only A YEAR which would be a struggling or wriggling flash for me. Flash? Ok year is the best word. And my goal  is to be the best of the rest(If I could with ventures and efforts). There will be no more loafing around, unlimited tweeting, Hanging out, and loads of laziness. Ahhhh... How I wish I were a genius creature in this century of the  universe. Haha but hey, no matter how intelligent a person would be, EFFORTS are all we need. "A big brain does not count into your intelligence as it needs to be used properly" . Ever heard of that quote anywhere? No?  Haha I created it on my own :) . So are we talking about brain? Hahaha the point is, Will I survive in Matriculation? I've been experienced the first conscience that I thought, could be the strongest one I've felt. It said like "You have to further your studies in Matriculation". It sounded creepy but haha, who the heck cares? So this is all I can post today :) Thanks ;D
 Oh I won't be taking science anyway, will change it to account :)

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