Saturday, 28 April 2012

Happy Birthday to you Best Friend :)

The last time I did post about my senior's birthday, didn't I? So here's specially made one post for my best buddy, Mohamad Nur Syafiq Bin Abd Rahim :) Here I am, wishing you Happy Birthday Brooo! Happy sweet 18 :P Hahha so now you and I are in the same group of age. It looks like I'm older than you but to me, you're always older than me :D Haha. Cherish your April 29th okay? And most importantly, cherish our bestfriendship :D . I'm always here for you. We'll be going out again soon! So our next meeting should be extra cool! We'll rock the place out! Just be sure not to miss every single meaningful moment on the day :D Knowing the truth that you badly want to be a teacher, I'll raise both of my hands up to pray for you. Sooner or later, You'll get what you've always wanted ok bro :D Happy birthday again ~!!
" Dear Beat friend, Y'know, I wish I'd always be there for you whenever you need me. I'm sorry I'm not a good friend, but please let me try to be perfect for you :)"

Happy birthday shafeeq :)

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