Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tell me what to do.

Hi as usual :) Since I'm not doing anything today, I guess this is the right moment to post a new story. Oh yeah, It's Saturday and I should be working? Haha No. I officially swap my working day with my friend. So she replaces me today and I replace her on Monday. Fair and square full stop :) So I'm such a lazy ass today. I don't know what to do at this time. Duh, seriously. Could you please tell me what to do? Err blogging? Ok I'm doing it now. hehe. Sooooo what do I do today? Oh yeahh, I snapped a bunch of pictures just to create a new post :) and when I actually feel bored, this is what I did, creating an art :D
Yes you can comment anything about this picture above. I'm just too bored and I'm all alone here in my room. My parents are not here. They're at my hometown and will be back tomorrow :) So can anybody come here to keep me company? Oh guys only! girls are fully invited but can only sit in front of my house. hehe. I told I am currently in my room right. So this is a part of room xD
Yes this is my table. Err ignore the things at the right side xD haha I know my table is not as neat as yours :P . So all I can say today, I'm such a lazy bum today 'cause I spend a long time in my room to do nothing -.-

I <3 NY haha :P Ok to end this, Thanks for spending your time here. May we meet again :D

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