Monday, 1 October 2012

A quick mingle.

So this is the new chapter, I have met the gal that accidentally hit me yesterday. From the moment we met, she always strikes into my mind every time when I think of the incident back then. I knew it was only a coincidence. A coincidence which made me to always bring her into the dream of my night. What is this? I don't understand. Oh god please tell me why she's the only (except for my mother) girl that had kidnapped my heart for a day. I still remember that Jeremy told me, "Hey the girl is likely to be seen in our college dude." I wish I could be her friend, I desired.

And again, I felt lazy to get up for classes ahead today, or maybe every single day. In fact, sometimes I feel like going out from the college but since my parents wanted to send me abroad for further studies, I obeyed what they hoped. It was April, the so-called season of summer came by. I took a walk to 7eleven in Taylors' University College and cheerfully bought a packet of chewing gum to be chewed in the class. Yes this is my hobby, even though Miss Sabrina had rebuked me from the first time she detected my routine. Jeremy was not in the class. The absence of him made me like a stranger in the college. I decided to be 'independent' for a day.

Right after the English class finished, I went out for a quick lunch with a few buddies from my class. I was the most silent creature at the moment. I was about to sit and the girl hit me yesterday passed me by, I was mesmerized by her beauty. "Why didn't she notice me here" , I whispered. Then I tried to approach her. Without thinking too much, I left my buddies for a while to approach the girl. The girl subjected me when she turned her head. I felt very nervous.... but I kept confronting her. I did not know, but I guessed she waited for me there. I came closer and started to mingle with her. "Umm, Hi". I said, with the heart pounded so hard. "I am Ken, Kenneth". She first smiled delightfully, her eyes were so charming. "Alish.."

..To be continued

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