Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Probation, Here I come!

..Assalamualaikum :)

Hi >.< Hahha It's allready March 7th 2012 today and since it's March, should I say, hello MARCH ? :D haha. Wawww. How I miss my blog :) How're ya people? Bet you're fine. The wait is over :) Pardon me. I've waited this day and I should have said Alhamdulillah for passing my JPJ test. As you can see the title I've written neatly there, it's probation :) I have highlighted something in my previous topic that I passed the computer test and today would be the last day to be a student of driving school. I fortunately passed my JPJ test and I will be able to drive a car from today onwards. I am currently waiting for Probation Licence. Despite having failure last week, it didn't break my self confidence to make it better and I finally passed it today. I was in misery for a few days back. It's normal to everyone but luckily I have made it. Biggest thanks to Allah :) How I faced today's actions ;

- Woke up early in the morning as usual.
- Went to the office at Puchong.
- Driving teacher brought me to the HQ .
- Waited for my turn.
- Passed with 16/20 .

Briefly, I passed with 16/20 and 16 is lowest passing mark. phewww ~ so no more stupid mistakes especially on the road because I will be driving at my own risk from now on. Whatever it is, SAFETY PRECAUTIONS must not be forgotten :)

That's all :)

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