Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I don't live to impress the world.

I begin with HAHAHAHA. HI THERE PEOPLE! I feel like ignoring my baby blog for years! Like I had mentioned earlier, I would be as busy as a running machine. I am a matriculation student so I think it is reasonable to make an excuse. Hehe. Well, pardon my action :) I've been very busy and I didn't even have time to sign into my blog recently. So why I am here in the blog? Haha that's just simply because this is my superb holiday :D Err guys, we're still in the month of fasting so can I say, "Happy Ramadan to all muslims >.<" And maybe this is too early to tell, "Selamat hari Raya :D"

I don't live to impress the world. I couldn't remember where I found the quote above, or my topic. But as long as I have the idea to create a new post, I would start with a phrase.. (Did I do this before?) So there's nothing to do with the topic, I must stress that hehe. Here I am to create a story of myself in Matriculation. Many many many of you have known that I am currently studying in Matriculation which I would be there for only a year. Honestly, It is never a year. I am in the course of Computer Science which I think the best course of all. I think. So what do I study in the particular course? I have 4 compulsory subjects, Biology(the main subject) , Chemistry(All science courses have this -_-), Mathematics(ALL COURSES HAVE THIS AS WELL) and Computer science in which I can admit that I'm in love with it. Hehe. Apart from that, I am a leader of my class or the monitor of my class. Hehhh. I never thought of being one but hey, there are three guys in my K2P4. What is K2P4? K2P4 is my class :D . 

I have lived in Matriculation for about two months and something (Whatever the numbers are..) I used to get up all by myself since my parents stay very far away from me. Oh I still could hardly believe that I have guts to live alone or maybe independent >.< hahah! This is my first time being a hosteler. Hmmm, I guess I don't need to describe a whole :) This is just for the readers, I would like to apologise again :D hehe Byeeee :)

Classmates :D