Sunday, 26 May 2013

This is the second time!

Haiiiiiii again my dearest readers! So what took me here? Of course with a topic to bubble out and I am terribly exhausted today.

Here's the story. May 25th, where I had to go for a Mass Communication degree course interview. Major in Journalism. I set my alarm at 5.30am but got up at 6.45am. Hahaha just when I am at home, I can't manage to get up earlier but today is a history. So what's with 6.45am and then? I went to UiTM Shah Alam just after finished preparing but like what the fcuk la I forgot to bring along my pen for the essay writing part. So I borrowed a pen from a Diploma leaver sat right beside myself. He was friendly :) . What the essay was all about? As far as I could recall it back, the questions were like this "What do you know about the major you applied?" "Explain the contribution you can give?" So yeah, I wrote like, like normal XD haha but it all went smooth.

What was the event caught after that? The most important part which was the INTERVIEW! Tell you what, I was placed in a waiting room where there was a lot of diploma leavers and I felt like I was the youngest among them all! I wondered where were those foundation, Matriculation and STPM students? While waiting for my turn to be interviewed. I gotta wait for HOURS and it was frankly after break. Since this is my second time being interviewed. I did not really feel so nervous. What was being asked? Here you gooooo :

Panel : Journalism. So why Journalism?
Me : Writing is always my passion and since it is associated to my favourite, English. So yes, I want to study in this course.

Panel : So have you ever experienced anything about writing?
Me : Yes! Back when I was in school, I was a reporter for the club of tourism and I made reports for every event and when I was in matriculation, I made reports for my club but not so official. <-- Hahaha do you think this statement is true?

Panel : So do you have any specific journalist that you idolise? 
Me : I don't have any specific journalist but I idolise William shakespeare.

Panel : William Shakespeare? What makes you idolise him?
Me : He is such an inspirational person who can make a change to my perceptions but not only me, to people in the environment.

Panel : Any one the quotes of his that you know?
Me : "Love your passion before you love others" <---- I CONFIDENTLY......MADE MY OWN QUOTE! hahahah

****This part should be the political issues but I am not writing it since it is a sensitive case****

Panel : So what about you introduce yourself?
Me : Okay. The name is Muhammad Aqashah Bin Ghazali given by Encik Ghazali Bin Mansor, my father at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johore Bahru on the third day of Hari raya Aidilfitri. I have three siblings and I am the third one. My mother is from Melaka while my dad is from Johor Bahru <--- Created the night before haha.

Panel : So.. do you know any current issues in a few days back?
Me : Oh yes! The weather outside is hot, right? I have discovered that it will last until September due to Southwest Monsoon. When I was in lower forms, I could still remember that Southwest Monsoon is from March until September. There will be less cloud coverage and more sunlight will be absorbed. That is why the temperature is hot <--- I accidentally spoke using British accent -_-

So basically these are all the questions I could recall back in. I have done my first phase of going-to-study-in-journalism and I sensibly wish I could be one of the Mass comm students :)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


SO HELLO BACK DEAREST BLOG! Haha it is time again to show up myself on this page. It has been neglected for such I-don't-know-how-long-it-is but this is my shadow of coming back! Just to let you know, I have finished my first phase of studying which was in Penang Matriculation (Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang) It is a must to inform that during my journey in that particular college I have just stated, it was really full of every single mixed single thing regardless the time. What is that supposed to be? Haha at first, I did not even want to continue my studies after SPM in Matriculation because it sounded difficult for me but eventually I had to opt since that was the only option. Haha this was last year. But upon completion, I could hardly believe it, time flew off like how riverstream flows so quick.

I BET! I bet people will likely want to see what had happened in my college, so here I am sharing what I did ;) First of all, I was placed in module 3 which is known as "biology course" for those who dislike Physics and. I was a class monitor since there were only THREE males in my class. It was a horrible sad truth but yet we guys have triumphantly survived! Haha.
This is my class! (K2P4)

SO WHAT else? Oh ya, I was one of the high members in Jaktee(Jawatankuasa Mentor Mentee) I am really going to miss all my friends from this club because we have experienced too many silly and cheerful memories since we first conducted a programme for the rest(normal members) Let me tell you something, being in Jaktee was full of fun because the interaction between was very strong and yes, this club has yet fostered a better relationship among us all.
US during the dinner ;)

Um, actually I have a whole lot to tell but surprisingly my fingers are not made to type for so long. Those who are going to continue their studies in Penang Matriculation, I can guide some informations over here.
Let's see ;

-KMPP is located in Kepala Batas, northern Penang.
-KMPP is as well located right beside the highway, you can go and google it! or see it for yourself.
-KMPP is not a large-area college. It is quite convenient for students to move around without any transports, but no transports are allowed for students to drive or ride in there.


1. On the first day, the college will be crowded with people, cars and whatesoever related because it is a registration day. A piece of advice ; COME AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.
2. Dress formally or else you will be kicked out and not allowed to register. For males, please put your tie on. Females, Baju kurung as usual.
3. Make sure once you have gotten your key, do not go anywhere and start looking for your room. There are 5 hostels for males and 10 hostels for females. So you without any doubt I have told you female students will conquer the college.
4. When you are all ready with stuffs arranged neatly in your room, take your time to rest or spend the very last time with your parents because they will go home. Haha kidding.
5. You can ride a bicycle around KMPP but no, not a strange transport from outside. But students are allowed to rent a car during weekends. If you want to go and hang out with your friends, Penang are so full with malls around it. What matters is that you must take a bus, or a van. The malls are located at the central of Penang. 
6. Oh yes, about the room, bring your own bedsheets and blanket because you will only be provided a pillow without its sheet and a bed with its so yucks sheet. You better BRING!
7. A keylock for the locker and maybe one tablecloth. 
8. A MAT NOT A CARPET. Only if you are so creative and very diligent, you may bring and 'sunbath' it because bad odour will likely fills the room.
9. Those sweeper and stuffs related to it.
10. HANGERS to hang your washed clothes.
11. Please please please, if you are a lazy type person to wash your clothes, 50cents are needed to use the washing machine. You will need to pay RM2.50 for each machine. Remember, only coins are accepted.
12. You will need a BSN account. I supposed you already know about this.
13. The first class begins as early as 8. Make sure you are already awake before 8. There is no morning assembly but since a new director has been placed, I have no idea.
14. The rules, everyone hates that. Haha.

I guess these are all the important parts. The rest you can handle on your own. I will be a facilitator for a week starting from registration day. So, I will be there until June 1st. I wish you all the best my juniors ;)