Thursday, 29 September 2011

"that was the happiest moment in my life"

Yeah, you already know by looking at the base title. It's a story! Haha gotta tell all of you a story of my essay.
By the way, this is my trial essay :) . HAHA just to share here. have fun!

     I was born in a very rich family. My dad works as a very famous lecturer. As far as I know, my dad's salary is quite a lot but it doesn't fascinate me much. I, Georgio Fernandez. People always say that I have a charming face although I already know that by looking at the mirror. I have a lot of money. I'm not working but my dad gives a lot to me everyday. Too bad, I'm always not satisfied with what I already have.

     Here I am a student of one of the top schools in my area. At school, many students especially the girls want to my be friends. But I am not interested at all because none of them is as rich as I am. I know that they all really want to be my friends just because I have money. Sometimes I whispered, "I'm not even working. I'm jobless!! And yet, I'm still a high school student!"

     Surrounding people influenced me to be so proud of myself. Till now, I am known as an arrogant guy. Yes, I admit it but who cares? People have their own rights to judge merely with what they see. That's my opinion. I too, have my own right to choose someone to be my true friend. Deep inside, I am actually a loner. Nobody knows that. I don't have many students like other students in my school.

     Something has changed me all this while. One day, I sat for an important exam to further my studies. I thought I was doing fine with all the papers but I failed them! I failed in all subjects and that made me feel even worse. I was feeling extremely shocked! Shocked with the results. It was a fiasco to me. When I approached someone, he shooed me away. What have I done? Was I being too arrogant towards them or the failure I had making them to hate me very much? If I could, I want to ask forgiveness from all of them. I realised I was so arrogant of myself. The camaraderie among people in my school obviously made me jealous. Truth to be told, I've been jealous all this while.

     God has sent his gift and He left me a secret wisdom. There was a new student in my class and he is now sitting beside me. He once said he wanted to be my friend and I accepted him sincerely. I call him Didi because he wanted me to call him by that nickname. He taught me a lot about friendship. Not only that, he taught me the meaning of a real life. I realised the way he behaved towards me was totally different. He made me think of my mistakes I've done to people. Yes, being too arrogant will leave you thing and I have to stop the bad behaviour from now on.

     Today onwards, I will always appreciate the things I have including my true friend. The moment when Didi appeared in my life has changed me. I thank god for giving him to me. That was the happiest moment in my life.

Well, I've no comments. It's all to you.
hehe Thanks :)


  1. Inspiring essay :) I rarely pick story. Never actually.

  2. Nice essay. I love to read it and i had copied it into my essay book to show it to my teacher. It will be my revision essay too :)