Monday, 12 September 2011

You say..?

You may say it's weird but I say it's UNIQUE ;) . YES ! 

1. If you can do this, I swear I'll laugh out LOUD. xD

2. Shame on you guys. Even this old woman can fight you with her karate xD

3. Oh yes, it's a face. Ehh, CORRECTION! it's a face of a buttock xD . AHAHA

 4. BEWARE. The face is always sneaking you when you're in the toilet xD

5. Do you mind if I wrote this below? <--- actually what's the point I wrote this here?

6. Okay kitty, you're under arrest xD.
    Kitten : Hands up xD

WELL, that's the uniqueness I can share today. hahaha Let's hope for more xD
See ya!

xD !

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