Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Toughest thing..?

As the title asked you, so what's the toughest moment you've ever faced? 

*Is it being ignored by someone you like?
*Is it making bad deeds all the time and you don't know what actually repent is?
*Is it getting into a battlefield and fight hard to win?

A lot of answers can be written here. So what's yours? Sharing is caring xD . 
Okay, today I have one story to tell. Once upon a time... eh? Haha I'm not treating you guys with that. sorry :P .
Do you know what number is? what a stupid question? Okay, do you know what ADDMATH is? Yes, the answer will always be YES, and it is a subject. WAIT, what's the relation with the based topic actually? Let me tell you first yeap. As you guys know, ADDMATH is simply easy. haha just to those experts. To me, IT IS NOT! Now and forever it will never be easy to me and there's no other way to ease it. I do like numbers. But when I first met with addmath last year, I feel like " Ohh my what is this? " . I feel like hating numbers now. wanna know how hard addmath is? Take a minute to figure out.

Yes, this is the myterious MATH. I approved that xD

Ok sorry to keep you waiting. Now I'm telling you the reason why I wrote about addmath today. EASY, because I sat two papers of ADDMATH today and the questions were all like WTF mannn ! I never felt the hardest and toughest moment to answer the questions. it was about 5 hours 30 minutes I've been with addmath today. I'm not sure whether I'll pass it or not. Sorry to say but Addmath and me are not meant to be together. Guess that's enough. Thanks for reading although the topic are not as interesting as you thought xD 

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