Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Would you be my girlfriend ?

Haha Ok, would you be my girlfriend? Sounds like I'm desperate to have a girlfriend. No way mannnnn, I can always find one on my own. Yeah that's for sure :) . You know what, since I'm a bit busy with my stuffs here. I don't enough have time to spend with Blog. I'm sorry. and would you forgive me? The title is about girlfriend. So guys, or Lesbians? HAHA xD . How will your girlfriend(s) be? Pretty? Sweet? Romantic? Mannnn, Boyfriend should be the romantic one. Look at that,
Yes this is Taylor Swift
Gotcha! I bet many of you want a pretty girl like her. I BET ! haha. Even I myself couldn't hold to see the beauty of her xD . Hehe . Oh ya, speaking of Taylor Swift, I adore her very much. Why? Because she's friggin' pretty! That's the main answer :D . I hope Taylor Swift hates Justin Bieber :P . Hehe sorry . Ok that's all. I can't stay any longer here. Now I'll leave with this song =) . Enjoy it!

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