Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It will come soon.

I don't feel like blogging today but my mood eagerly tells me to create a new post. It's been awhile I guess. I should have spent a couple of minutes but I couldn't make it. Unfortunately. haha. Okay, So what will post today? I'm not gonna tell the whole story but I wanna share how my emotions worked today. You know, I was given a "form" and it has to be filled. I'm done with it. So what's the use of it? Tell you what, it needs to be filled because I have to hand in to my form teacher, so yeah, it's for my certificate. Oops, it's a "school leaving certificate" HAHA. Just look at it.
So this is the main part to be fillled.
Yeah I have to hide my ID due to safety. Of course right? As you can see there, there are a lot of stuffs to write. Wait, there's more!

Tell you what, I ran to catch all the teachers just because I need their signatures. What a tiring day. The last teacher to sign was Pn Hazsah. I was looking for her around the school but do you know where was she? She WAS only in the LAB. sighhhh. I was sweating all over my body. yucks? haha. 
You know what, when I was filling the form, suddenly it brings back my memories when I was in lower forms. Haha. A lot has changed. and sometimes, this reminds me about SPM. I keep thinking over over and over. 48 DAYS to go and afterwards, School's life will go away FOREVER. Sighhhh
How I miss my lower forms memories.
To SPM students, it's not too early and it's not too late to wish. All the best for the last exam! we all gotta give the best shot as much as we can! Go for it :)
Thanks ;)

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