Monday, 3 October 2011

Well So Long!

So, Hi back blogger! It's been awhile eh? Here I am to be ridiculous back. So yeah, thanks for wasting your time here xD . haha

It was on the last Friday. TGIF? HAHA no. It was on September 30th. Oh sorry, Hello October! Wish you'll be much more interesting to me since my weekends are about to burn :( SIGHHH . Well, let's just forget about it. I am here to say, SO LONG TEXTBOOKS! There's non of the textbooks in my room now. heee. But I guess I'm gonna borrow it back next week. It's just that, I haven't finished reading the STEP BY WICKED STEP yet. Shame on me -_- . Should have read it earlier. Speaking of Step By Wicked Step, I wish I could score in my exam. It comes out on the last section of paper 2 English. and clumsily, please be kind towards me dear examiner. You are the only person to give me A in English. Nobody else CAN'T. And by today, I have to use reference books. eh? I'm saying that like I use textbooks at all times. hehe.


Haha. The situation when I was in the class.

And how was my trial? HAHA don't ever ask me how many A's I owned. Not as many as other students. But still, I still have SPM to carry on. It'll be the final enemy to meet! Just you wait SPM! I'll be harsher than I did in my trials! K bye all :)

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