Sunday, 8 January 2012

Weeeeeee ~

Seriously, I've been avoiding myself from updating a new post for my blog. I'm actually getting bored with my daily routines till I forgot to update a new one for you. My bad for ignoring this. Sorry to keep you waiting :) I'm lazy these days zzzzz but now hey, I work as a part-timer now. It means that, I have a job now :) So I'm away from my blog for kinda a week? So here I am being ridiculous back with awkward moments :) . 

1. The awkward moment when you forgot to update a new post saying "happy new year" in your own blog. Well that's me obviously :P

2. The awkward moment when you still refuse to wish 'happy new year' to all readers of your blog. That's me as well -_- .

3. The awkward moment when you started feeling so stupid for ignoring your blog once in a while. I'm not ignoring you, I'm just lazy zzzzz xD

4. The awkward moment when you just don't know how to start off a new topic. In the end you end up creating the same awkward moment topic again :P . Hehe.

5. The awkward moment when you sense a sound of message from your phone and you rush to see who the sender is. Damn, it's only an update message -_-

6. The awkward moment when your phone is ringing but you tend to ignore because you know it's only a misscall. *let's check* . * ohhh no!! it's my crush! * :P

7. The awkward moment when you are tweeting and messaging simultaneously. Ok let's just say you are focus more on Twitter. I bet! 

8. The awkward moment when you're happily tweeting but then you realised you lost one follower -_- . Oh I have this experience and I know how it feels like.

9. The awkward moment when you concede to yourself that you don't like Selena Gomez but you keep hittin' repeat peat peat peat peat peat peat. Selenator alert detected :P

10. The awkward moment when you want to hit the bed as soon as you reach home but then you see the laptop is still on. *oh let's tweet first* :P haha. 

So thanks again for reading :D

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