Sunday, 8 January 2012

Because I love creating quotes :)

So this is the second post in 2012? YES it is! I'm doing this because I feel bored now and since I've been leaving my blog for a week, I guess I should spend my short time with this little page before I get myself to downstairs seeking some foods :P . Cool! Have a look at the main topic now. Does this make sense to the topic? I'm sure it does and I'm going to start it right now. Hang on, you may ask me why I created such a topic like that? The topic is the answer to your question :) Hehe. It seems we're playing through with our minds. Oh yes, it is my hobby to create quotes either in english or malay. But I guess I'll be using English :) . Here we go .

1. Don't you believe that "The most important things are the hardest to say". Sort of? Let me respond it here. Some things are just too hard to say by the mouth. Why? Ok let say you like this person. The person you admire has already been taken by somebody else. It is important for you to make a confession towards the person BUT you feel awkward if the person tends to hate you. Did you get my point? :)

2. " I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you " . So the quote seems to be a little bit confusing. Whose fault? Fault and blame are two different words. FAULT here is a noun whereas BLAME there afterwards is an action. I am very sure you can differentiate those two words well :)

3. "In Math, there's a number called 'One' , so you're the only ONE I have. The quote written there is usually for everybody who wants to attract their lovers. Yes the quote is made by myself :) . It looks simple to you but it is actually not. It means a lot to someone you like :)

Well, I guess I should stop here. The quotes I've written there are not as much as experts did. Remember, quotes can be either good or worse :) . Goodnight people!

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