Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Trending topic.

You are pleased to say Hello to me back since I used to say that to all of you every time I create a new post :P Hehe. So we meet again in my official page. Woooo. So what's with trending topic or the shortform is TT ? I'll tell anyhow. TT is one of the important things on social website called Twitter. I am very sure you guys know what Twitter is :) . What are you waiting for? FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! Haha :D Desperate much. K let's get started to the topic back. Today, one of the trending topics is #1factaboutme . Indeed, I'm going to tell all of you here so that you'll know me better :P . Here we go!

1. #1factaboutme , You have to know that I love eating very much. Weee~

2. #1factaboutme , I love reading but when it comes to studying, The mood to read will go away. :P

3. #1factaboutme , My favourite colour is exactly purple :D

4. #1factaboutme , I love KitKat. Don't ask why 'cause I simply like it .

5. #1factaboutme , When I wake up in the morning, the first thing that I would probably do is, staring at the clock, "oh it's still early. go to sleep back" xD

6. #1factaboutme , I like repeating the same song on Youtube again again and again. Well, even any other teenagers do this right? ;D

7. #1factaboutme , I am going to be 18 next year, 2012 O.O How fast time flies nowadays~

8. #1factaboutme , When I go out to anywhere, My eyes tend to look here and there to peek somebody who has a cute face ;D

9. #1factaboutme , I don't like counting. NO, I'm saying I don't like it. I don't hate it. Don't get me wrong :)

10. #1factaboutme , I love creating quotes for someone :) . What kind of quotes? It can be anything. If you would like to know, send me a request :D .

K, all I conclude is, 10facts above are like my current habits. See ya 'gain! 

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