Friday, 13 January 2012

I passed..

Hello back again :) I've been missing like usual. Haha let's just get started now. I went to the office of Institut Manducekap 'last year' to register a licence of my own. So yeah, I successfully succeeded the first two classes. The first one, KPP which stands for Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu. In English, it is called Curriculum driving licence. To shorten it, I went to the institute at Shah Alam with my bestfriend, Selvia :) . It was quite fun since we laughed too much :P hehe. So a few days back, I took a computer test to make an LDL. What's that? Ok, it is Learner's Driving Licence. Get it right :) and I passed the test with 47/50 :) The passing mark is 42/50 . phewww thank god :)

So now, I'm waiting for my LDL only :) .
foot note : The test was so terrible. Haha. AND! I don't like the counter babe there. 

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