Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Let's rebuild the memories.

Hello back bloggers :) Oh first of all, it's January 31st 2012 today and January will take its turn to leave soon. So, I wish we'll be seeing again next year January :) . Welcome February~ Enough. Get back to my point. So what's with memory I stated as a topic? Haha I'm not gonna tell all of you from A to Z about that. Just a simple note I've written before for someone :) AND AS IF "YOU" ARE READING THIS, you would know how much I miss you. You <--- refers to only ONE person. Let's read :)

" When I first looked at your face, I told myself "Oh my goodness, you're so cute!" Yet I know you will never be mine because there is always a better person for you. Day by day,  I couldn't hold myself to tell you that I really fall in love with you and I forced myself not tell you what inside my heart was. When people approach you and get to know you better, I feel i am no longer important in your life. I admit, I should have not be like this. Jealousy strikes when someone is talking, joking and chatting with you although I know that's natural to a person. When everytime I need to be alone, you suddenly came across to my mind. You didn't know that I was feeling so misery because I need you by my side. Just because I missed you, I tuned a song named Beautiful Soul sang by Jesse McCartney. Yes, I know I should have let you go but I couldn't. The feeling keeps haunting me every moment. I pretended to be okay whenever we were having conversations. Even if it was only short conversations,  I could feel both mistakes I made. I had no idea whether to leave, or to take. I wish I had guts to make a right decision but the guts had lost. I'm a loser now because I'm falling for you. Time decides every single thing and I let it to decide itself eventhough it lasts until my last breath. Patience is the only way and the only will to keep going on my daily routine. I remember I told myself to be happy for what I have but I have no idea why my feeling keeps telling me I lost something and for goodness sake it is actually you, the person I lost and I love. Tell me why, you're so hard to forget. Tell my why, I can't seem to face the truth because I keep staying on the flow of water. Keep moving without stopping on the flow of water, and now I'm heading nowhere without you. I concede now I need to be with you and I really hope that you will always be next to me. It's just you who can give me a warm hug and I won't let anybody else to do that to me. The time has come, now you know how my heart tells you. I'm sorry, I should have told you earlier when I first texted you by the phone. I'm sorry, I LOVE YOU! " .

So, this is the note I've written on a piece of paper :) 

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