Friday, 2 December 2011


So yeah here I am to say, all the best 5 'Best'ari-ans! We won't be living in the same class anymore. One will go there, another one will go here. And of course, I bet some of my classmates are looking for part-time job before SPM result officially comes out on about at the end of february. My teacher told about it and I was like "Way too early?" . K forget it. It was yesterday when all 5 Bestari students had such an awesome mini reunion. Where it happened? Students in my 'EX' school may know. So yeah, proudly saying that this event happened to be at the IOI MALL. That's the nearest :) . Like last year reunion of 4 Amanah. We had our lunch at Pizza Hut. Nadia and I came late actually because I didn't want to be there so soon. Couldn't say more. I love you 5 bestari '11 :)

Why I am not in the picture? Because I ain't photoholic anymore. Hehe..
K see ya! :)

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