Friday, 23 December 2011

Hi there cousins !

Hi there people, the last post I did say that I would post a new topic about my cousin but I didn't right? So here I am to say sorry :) . I was so busy going here and there. Apart form that, I went to somewhere which I couldn't recall the name of that place. haha shame on me! So what's with my cousins? Let me start from the first. My cousin is here since he followed along my auntie to her house and I was being told that he had to come to my house because both my auntie and uncle will be going to their office on public days. So he spent two weeks in my house. the first day was just okay 'cause I brought him to IOI to watch Breaking Dawn. Not to forget, he is only 13 years-old. Quite younger than me? Yes he is. The next week, our auntie took us to her home and now here I am blogging about it. I am leaving Puchong for a while and I am here in Kota Damansara. I meet the other cousins too. They are Nadhrah, Umair and Ameera. Nadhrah and Umair are only 6 years-old and 2 years-old while Ameera is 19 years-old. Should I tell more about Ameera? Hehe :P . Okay, she's currently studying at UPM taking Health Science I guess? Sorry if I were wrong Meera :P . Truth to be told, I had such a great time with them :) . 

So they are my cousins from paternal :) . I learnt how to deal with kids here because I don't have a younger sibling. Not to forget, they are my cousins from Johor Bahru :D . I will meet my other cousins today and tomorrow as far as I know. My December is full with cousins! haha.
That's all I can say :) Thanks for reading.

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