Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A few days.

Oh baby Blog. I've been very busy these days and quite lazy as well >< . Hahah. Since today is November 2, I'm not late yet to wish, Goodbye October and Hello November :D ! Oh November please be nice to me because I don't want every single thing messes me up. And yes, a few days to go as I highlighted it as a topic today. I'm leaving my blog for awhile doesn't mean I'll be ignoring it forever. NO! I'll return someday don't worry :) . It's just that, I am nervous and yet, I could feel the fear of exam these days. I don't know why. Should I be talking about SPM? Haha maybe I should because I actually don't have the mood to study right now. Hee. Just to calm my mind shortly. Talking about SPM, I'm leaving my facebook for a month and I'll be back on November 30. That will be the last day for me to wear uniform in school and for goodness sake, I'll be leaving my own school in just a month! It's one unexpected moment for me! The school, maybe it doesn't mean a lot to me but I mean a lot to school! HAHA get it? I'll be missing my school and THAT'S FOR SURE! Well, Time to grow up now :D . Haha I am a graduated student of SMK Puchong Perdana now :) . Nothing's left except SPM. Wish me all the best! :)

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