Thursday, 24 November 2011

So, this is my first goodbye ~

Yeah, I guess I have to POINT the goodbye miserably to Additional Mathematics, I'm not saying that I hate you, NO! It's just that I have a major problem with you. The saddest, I don't know if we'll be seeing again Addmath. Sorry for ignoring you for almost everyday. Hehh? Why am I admitting such thing? Because There's no more Tonnes of formulaes need to memorise. Haha. Like I told you earlier, I'm not hating Addmath, Okay I'm shrugging now. But thanks to god, I could manage to answer a few questions peacefully but I couldn't manage my time properly. Well, that was paper 2, Additional Mathematics. The time given was truly insufficient. And all I could do was, settling all the problems as fast as possible. Oh yeah, there were still a few questions I hadn't answered yet. Too bad, the time didn't let me to continue my very last journey with you, Addmath. See, I told you I'm not hating Addmath, although I've had enough with it. I still couldn't accept the fact that the time given to us was REALLY insufficient. Addmath, you came all the way to my life and now you stopped at the last point here. Thanks. Thanks to Pn Faridah, Pn Fatmahanim and last but not least, Pn Saayah. Thank god I could answer peacefully. And at no different time, Physics left me as well. I may feel sleepy when Pn Norliza's teaching, but truth to be told, I love physics no matter how odd or cranky the subject is. Physics is not the best but I could still deal with it. Not saying that I am very sure to get an A+ . I'm just aiming an A- not more or less. Please god, I'm begging you. My very own mistake stating that Addmath and Physics are the two killer subjects of all. They have left me now. Maybe forever? I won't be taking Science anymore since I have no interest with them. All I want is good results for my parents in about NOT less than 6A's. Apart from that, Thanks Pn Norliza for teaching physics :) . Well, Goodbye Physics, Goodbye Addmath. You both have come to the last point :) . Chemistry and Biology are going to hit next week. 

So long :')

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