Sunday, 23 October 2011

My Life as a Pisces.

This is just for fun since I have nothing to do. Have fun :D !
17th - 23th October 2011.

     A progressive week ahead. This week you will focus your attention at domestic responsibilities generally. It may include redecorating or renovating the home. It can be hard to find time for everything you want to do, but without creative self-expression, you simply do not feel complete. At work, this is a time when you are more dedicated and committed.
     You are more able to focus at work. You are required to develop more patience and organise work to weed out unnecessary things to run the work smoothly. Your mind turns to bigger visions, thoughts and ideals. You are open to expanding your knowledge and communications from or with someone far away may be part of the picture. Be aware of challenges at subordinate level or with co workers.
     Financial matters need careful handling and you have energy and method to make important changes to improve your financial areas. So plan you expenses on the resources you have in hand. Investment in any type should be avoided for this week.
     Romance flourishes when both Venus and Mercury are sparing harmonious shine to your sun sign. You receive pleasure from anything that expands your horizons, both physically and mentally. You tend to be expansive and generous when it comes to love. A love interest who attracts you during this period may be somebody who previously wouldn't consider attractive, or someone whose cultural background is very different than yours. A long drive or some time out with your close ones will make this period memorable.

Haha. To those who are in the same sign with me. Would you believe this article?

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