Monday, 28 November 2011

'They were hugging each other"

This story has NO RELATION to my family at all. I was so boring, so I created this :)

      It happened a few weeks ago when I had the very last Kitkat in front of my television. The television was on while I was eating a bar of kitkat gracefully. For once, I've felt the exultant because that was my 'chocolate day'. As far as I could remember, I've never had a lot of chocolates in my stomach only in a day. Utterly, I felt super duper bloated. I ended up turning off the television and I went upstairs into my small room. As if I had a bigger room like my parents. Sigh. I stared at my biology book for a long moment and then my mom was calling me to go along with her to the nearest market. "I should've studied." I whispered to myself.

     It took about 20 minutes for us to arrive at the market. As we were entering the big market along the street walk, my mom reminded of taking one trolley for the sake of carrying the stuffs. So I went looking for the trolley here and there and I finally found one nearest to the entrance. Then, I brought it to my mom. She just gave a nice smile. While mom was looking and selecting the dishes for our dinner tonight, she asked me, 'Do you think papa will eat ambrosia?' . I turned my head to my mom and made a thought for a moment. I shrugged then I told my mother, 'mom, you know what's best for him. I am very sure' and I smiled a little. So mom decided to buy the dishes she wanted.

     we managed to finish buying the items at the market just after we had a cup of cornetto McFlurry bought at the Mcdonalds. While were on our way to the car, I realised that mom bought a bar of cadberry. I knew it wasn't for me, because mom knew that I adore Kitkat more. We reached our home sharp at 4pm and I was being told to help my mom cooking afterwards. I accidentally nodded then quickly shook my head showing the sign that I had no interest to cook. Actually, I wanted to study because my examination was just around the corner. I was not sure if my mom felt so sad but I found her preparing the dinner gently. Maybe she wanted to make something different for our dinner, or maybe she wanted to arrange a candlelight dinner for her and papa?

     I went upstairs and lazily sauntered my room because I have to study. What to do? If I failed this exam, I wouldn't be able to get my license. So I studied Biology for 1 hour and a half and like usual, I had a lot of daydreams rather than studying. Well, I got to admit that daydreaming is my daily routine. I made myself a quick revision on Biology since I didn't really like this subject. But for once, I found it interesting because I seemed like the chapter of reproduction. Pervert much? A few minutes later, I sensed the homecoming of my father. I just ignored it and continued doing my revision.

     Something echoed in my ear. I wondered where the voice came from and I suddenly realised it came from downstairs. 'You call this a great candlelight dinner!?' . Papa shouted to my mother very loudly. I took my steps to downstairs but then I stuck in middle of my way because I was a bit scared to go to the scene. I heard again my father voiced out 'if you don't know how to cook, just don't cook at all! This is the worst meal I've ever tasted!' I went back into my room and locked it. I was wondering why Papa did such a thing towards Mom. I was not feeling so okay. My mind was so disordered but then I tried to chill myself up. I heard a loud blows of the door. I was very sure that was what my father did. I went looking for my mom and I saw her crying and cleaning the table. I knew my father ruined it. I asked my mother kindly how all this could happened and my mom replied to me 'Never mind, just go upstairs darling. I'll clean all this'. I followed my mom's instruction straight away.

     The next day, I had to go to school since it was Monday. I made preparations for myself and when I was all ready, I went downstairs to have the early breakfast. I had two pieces of biscuits and a cup of tea. I should be having at least a bowl of oat for my daily breakfast. I knew why but I didn't care. I went to the kitchen after all the breakfast has finished and my mom was there. I gave her a hug to before I went to school. Then, I could hear the sense of my father. I looked at him but my mom was too sad till she didn't even look at my father's face. I withdrew myself to the living room because I knew that my father wanted to settle up the things happened yesterday. Silently, I peeked them from the living room. My father was standing up straight 180 degree and he apologised my mother. Mom didn't do anything and kept being quite. I knew how misery she was that time. Till my father took my mom's hand and ask forgiveness from her and my mom cried with all of a sudden. My father hugged my mother to calm her from crying all the time and it showed that my father still loves my mom. Mom just nodded showing the sign of the  forgiveness from my father was accepted. The fight has ended when they were hugging each other. I thanked god.

Foot note: I know the story doesn't fascinate you. But hey, thanks for reading this sucky story. 

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