Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Moment....

Good Morning and a very good day guys! Wake up now! It's already 7am and you should be going to..... eh? It's our day off in Malaysia :D . Hehe. What are you guys up to today? Since today is Sunday, let's have a break with quotes written by myself! No Copyrights from either anywhere or anyone.  It's not actually quotes. I don't know how to explain it here. Haha. Just go through and read it! :)

1. The moment when you suddenly wake up from a very nice sleeping and then you realise that it's only 2am. 
Wahhh..... Best feeling ever! 

2. The moment when you're sleeping, and something hit you accidentally. What on earth is that thing!

3. The moment when you're happily writing a new entry to your blog, but then your Google Chrome starts to crashed. Oh damn it!

4. The moment when you're watching your favourite show on youtube, but then the internet connection suddenly messes with you. CRAP it! T_T

5. The moment when you're so focus to your laptop and you laugh with a little smile on it. It makes your parents think you're watching porn. So speechless.

6. The moment when you're being so confident typing by using a keyboard and then you only realise that too many typos here and there. Ahh whatever!

7. The moment when you're chatting with someone you adore on facebook, but then he/she signs out his/her facebook without telling you. How could you...... :(

8. The moment when you're tweeting so happily but then you are being limited by twitter. WTH you twitter!

9. The moment when you're reading this entry and you don't even know what I am talking about. Are you being ridiculous?

Hehee.. Yes, I am being ridiculous since I have nothing to do at this time. So in conclusion, don't get mad xD . See ya!

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