Sunday, 23 October 2011


What is SPM to me? "Soalan Paling Mudah" - "Easiest Question" . HAHA. I bet you readers know why I am emphasizing about SPM today. Because I'm one of the candidates. I'll be sitting for it on November 14th 2011. Oh goshh, There are only 21 days left and I haven't finished to cover all the subjects yet. The worst is, I don't know why I am getting so lazy these days although I could feel the anxiety now. Truth to be told, I am worried to take the exam but I can't wait for the end of the day :D Haha. That's normal to me and maybe to all candidates? Never mind then. Today onwards, I can see Form 5 students are so busy with their extra classes, reading book while walking to the home, doing some revision in the class but unfortunately I couldn't do that! BIG SIGH. I am dissappointed with myself earlier before SPM. That's better, I guess? :P Hehe. Ahh whatever it is, I will spend my free time with books. Wish me all best of luck :D . See ya! 

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