Sunday, 16 October 2011

So long Librarians. Goodluck next year!

Hi guys, hehe as usual I am sooooo sorry for my lost. Truth be told that I don't have any good idea to create a new post. It seems like the same crap reason like I used to tell right? Hehe yes it is! But hey, I'm being honest, so don't get over mad towards myself :) .

Starting from today and maybe this would be the last day for me to keep on aiming my duty as a leader to the librarians. I may off-duty but my "librarian" career has now "not officially came to an end" . Hehe. Yet, I'm still the leader in my school library. It's just that, I've successfully finished my career there. So today, I attended a feast which was conducted by the highest bureau and the teachers. This was for all the librarians of SMK Puchong Perdana. But too bad, not all of us came to join. So guess what? I was giving a speech. *not really a speech actually. and it would be the last thing for me to complete my journey as the leader of librarian. Today onwards, There'll be no more duty need to be done by myself. It's all up to the juniors. I wish that all of them could do better rather than me. I knew my duty is not yet accomplished.
Don't say a thing xD 

It was the end of the Feast and now I was heading to Pn Zaidah's house. My friends and the whole of my classmates were invited and there was no different like the Feast at school. Yeah, not all came to her house. on a moment, Pn Zaidah is my Math's teacher. She's a very good teacher till I got an A- for my trials. hehe. Thanks Pn Zaidah. Tell you what, I went to the house with Nadza, Alifah, Mizza and her friends just by the taxi. We took taxi and I actually didn't prefer to use the one with no Meter in it. Did you get it? Well, I ain't going to tell ya -.- Go find it on your own :P hehe. But thank god we reached with just RM3.30 each. Wait, there were 6 people in the taxi. HAHA xD . Pn Zaidah's house was so awesome. I spent a couple of hours there just to eat, talk and eat again xD Hehe.
they're all my friends :)

Well, Thanks Pn Zaidah for inviting us to your house :) . 
That's all I can post today. Wait for upcoming entry :D hehe

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