Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Not too late, not too early.

Assalamualaikum and Hello again! Don't say a word, let me just begin. Haha. It is Ramadan again so I think I am not that late to say "Salam Ramadan to all Muslims in every nation!" May the odds be ever in your favour. For every male, don't you dare to skip! You have no exception. Ramadan comes again and that shows time flies very quickly without us realising. And as time passes, everyone is getting older and older and OLDER. So what's good in Ramadan Al-mubarak? Too many I supposed. And one thing for sure is when it comes to break the fast at dusk! It will ever be the best moment and thus, foster a better relationship among family members. But it is quite sad for people who cannot enjoy their meals with the beloved family. Tarawikh, Yep tarawikh is one of the advantageous activites can be done during one month of Ramadan so as to seek His forgiveness, to reinforce our "Imaan" or faith to Him :) I must admit that Ramadan is a month in which every one is trained to have patience in fighting not to commit any "crimes" :D Well if you don't understand, that's fine haha. Many good deeds can actually be done during this holy month but I don't think I am going to list them out over here. So yeap, Salam Ramadan again! Break a leg and don't give up! :)

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