Sunday, 26 May 2013

This is the second time!

Haiiiiiii again my dearest readers! So what took me here? Of course with a topic to bubble out and I am terribly exhausted today.

Here's the story. May 25th, where I had to go for a Mass Communication degree course interview. Major in Journalism. I set my alarm at 5.30am but got up at 6.45am. Hahaha just when I am at home, I can't manage to get up earlier but today is a history. So what's with 6.45am and then? I went to UiTM Shah Alam just after finished preparing but like what the fcuk la I forgot to bring along my pen for the essay writing part. So I borrowed a pen from a Diploma leaver sat right beside myself. He was friendly :) . What the essay was all about? As far as I could recall it back, the questions were like this "What do you know about the major you applied?" "Explain the contribution you can give?" So yeah, I wrote like, like normal XD haha but it all went smooth.

What was the event caught after that? The most important part which was the INTERVIEW! Tell you what, I was placed in a waiting room where there was a lot of diploma leavers and I felt like I was the youngest among them all! I wondered where were those foundation, Matriculation and STPM students? While waiting for my turn to be interviewed. I gotta wait for HOURS and it was frankly after break. Since this is my second time being interviewed. I did not really feel so nervous. What was being asked? Here you gooooo :

Panel : Journalism. So why Journalism?
Me : Writing is always my passion and since it is associated to my favourite, English. So yes, I want to study in this course.

Panel : So have you ever experienced anything about writing?
Me : Yes! Back when I was in school, I was a reporter for the club of tourism and I made reports for every event and when I was in matriculation, I made reports for my club but not so official. <-- Hahaha do you think this statement is true?

Panel : So do you have any specific journalist that you idolise? 
Me : I don't have any specific journalist but I idolise William shakespeare.

Panel : William Shakespeare? What makes you idolise him?
Me : He is such an inspirational person who can make a change to my perceptions but not only me, to people in the environment.

Panel : Any one the quotes of his that you know?
Me : "Love your passion before you love others" <---- I CONFIDENTLY......MADE MY OWN QUOTE! hahahah

****This part should be the political issues but I am not writing it since it is a sensitive case****

Panel : So what about you introduce yourself?
Me : Okay. The name is Muhammad Aqashah Bin Ghazali given by Encik Ghazali Bin Mansor, my father at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johore Bahru on the third day of Hari raya Aidilfitri. I have three siblings and I am the third one. My mother is from Melaka while my dad is from Johor Bahru <--- Created the night before haha.

Panel : So.. do you know any current issues in a few days back?
Me : Oh yes! The weather outside is hot, right? I have discovered that it will last until September due to Southwest Monsoon. When I was in lower forms, I could still remember that Southwest Monsoon is from March until September. There will be less cloud coverage and more sunlight will be absorbed. That is why the temperature is hot <--- I accidentally spoke using British accent -_-

So basically these are all the questions I could recall back in. I have done my first phase of going-to-study-in-journalism and I sensibly wish I could be one of the Mass comm students :)


  1. Blog nya sudah saya follow, silahkan follback blog :).

  2. Waa Mass Comm xD Seems interesting, all the best xD

  3. surely dude ada interview semua ni haha.
    Well good luck for yur degree. Kita sama course tapi lain uni :P