Thursday, 25 July 2013

That unusual moment...

Hello! I am here again tonight to just spend my night. But I am not going to write a whole lot, I feel like enjoying myself by creating "moments" of unusual. Have fun!

1. That moment when you eat something crispy in a silent environment. Everyone will look at you. 

2. That moment when your phone is being checked by your mother. Oh please don't check my messages :( haha

3. That moment when someone is about to look at what you are typing on your phone. Hmm I hate you.

4. That moment when your iPhone falls onto the floor and you will act like "OHMYGODDDDDDD!!!!

5. That moment when someone you admire texts you and your face turns out to be like an idiot. Awhhhhhh I know how it feels like.

6. That moment when you're happily capturing your own pictures and then someone interrupts by laughing at you. HAHAHAHA.

7. That moment when you're on diet, suddenly you smell something nice to be eaten. "AH I DON'T MIND BEING CALLED FAT NOW BECAUSE IT HAPPENS LATER

8. That moment when foods are much sexier than your girlfriend/boyfriend. Well, I'm still single. 

9. That moment when you find yourself too difficult to keep updating your blog. THIS IS SO ME.

10. That moment when you like yourself being sexy when looking at the mirror. "Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me that I'm sexy. Mueheheh"

TEN IS ENOUGH. That is all now for tonight :) 

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