Thursday, 25 July 2013

What is shopping?

So what is shopping? From head to feet I bet everyone knows what it is. But to highlight my topic tonight, Let us know more deeply about shopping. Yeap, shopping can be defined as an activity in which it requires two people, customer and seller, one will give and the other one will accept. It is also a business that represents customers to decide what type of goods they need while sellers are those in-charge people to valid a customer to have goods legally. Shopping can be done in any available stores ; Super market and Shopping mall. In these modern days, Money is the medium in order to get, buy, or have something by hand. Or to make it simpler, to exchange goods that a particular customer desires to have. It is impossible to have something without money. The world is changing for a better future as well as goods and stuffs. 

And what makes I think to write a topic on shopping is that I have just gone shopping outdoors today. One thing I find it fun while shopping is, I am relieved from the stress and pressure BUT it depresses us when we do not own even a single penny to go out buy stuffs we want. Thanks for today I am relieved!

So yeap, Got myself a new watch!

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